Afraid of becoming a trucker


Man afraid of trucking

Man afraid of trucking

hi everyone, i always love/dream to drive a tractor trailer in the states. i live in pennsylvania 9 years ago and move back to puerto rico(usa).

i knew a few guys up there. they told me a few good and bad things but that doesn't stop me to reach my dream.

i know the language and i know that it requires a lot of effort and responsibility, but i'm afraid for what's out there.

you have any advice for me? thank you,god bless.


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Jun 13, 2023
Why Are You Afraid of Becoming a Trucker
by: The Crazy Trucker

Milton I hope you're trucking. I had to repost this because someone just asked me yesterday the same thing.

They were terrified about becoming a trucker but wanted a career in trucking.

It's somewhat normal to be apprehensive about something you know little about. So it's smart to ask around about it.

Be careful of all the extreme warning and also white washing of a career in trucking. Nothing frightening about it. And it also is not a walk in the park.

You can start getting more comfortable and at ease about beginning a career in trucking by finding out what to expect. You'll find that Becoming a trucker

For a list of things you might be wondering about, just scroll down the homepage and you'll see links to everything from

  • Realities about trucking

  • Dating as a trucker

  • Staying healthy

  • Making more money

  • Becoming an owner operator

  • CDL Training options

  • What to take on the road

  • How you get paid

  • What truck stops look like

  • .Where to park your truck

  • and more.....

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Sep 02, 2008
Fear is natural
by: Ken

I'm not a trucker yet, going to start school on the 22nd or 29th of this month. I do have a story that can help you out a bit though. Like it was said, i'm sure you were nervous at first about driving a car. I'm also sure that you have been nervous about alot of things, and you feared all of the what if's. Did you overcome those fears? I'm sure you did. Everyone has fears about doing new things, but they overcome those fears by learning first, and then doing and gaining experiance, and that brings me to my story.

I had looked into skydiving for quite some time, and I was really nervous about jumping out of a plane. I talked to quite a few people about the sport, and learned how safe the sport really is, and then I decided to do it. I took the First Jump Course at a local skydiving center, and made my first jump. On the plane ride up, my stomach was twisting like crazy, and I wasn't sure why I decided to do jump. My time came to get out of the plane, and I let my training take over. I stepped to the door, checked with both of my instructors, counted off, and jumped out. It was the greatest feeling of my life, just jumping into the unknown. After I landed, I couldn't wait till I could jump again.

The moral of my story is: I had a fear, but it was something that I really wanted to do. So I put the fear aside, and just did it. I am really happy that I jumped, and I'm sure that if I didn't jump, I would still be wondering what it would be like.

So, my advice to you: If you really want to drive a truck, then apply for a truck driving school. While you are in the school, the instructors are there to provide you with the proper training, and to help you gain confidence in yourself with driving the truck. Once you have confidence with driving the truck, your fear of driving the truck will be gone. After that, all you have to do is remember your training, get advice from other drivers, and learn from your own experiances.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to chime in and help out.

Jul 23, 2008
You'll Over Come That Fear...
by: MiNuS...

Think when you first started driving your car...i'm sure you was kinda nervous at first...making sure your doing everything right and triple checking things...but i'm sure now when you jump into a car it's natural to can do and think of tons of things while driving and not feel as though your going to crash...but the point i'm trying to make is that the more you do things...the more you'll understand how it works and get better at at first i'm sure to others you'll have simple mistakes maybe on your log book or forgetting to connect air lines or something...but the driving part will have to come with experience...just take your time and try to always know what's ahead of you and to your sides...because unlike a can't just drive until the person infront of you hits their a take longer to you need to know what ahead might make someone you'll be sittin up over cars so you'll get a good view..."that's why trucks merge in construction zones early cause they seen it like mileeeeeeees back lol" when you got out with a trainer...his or her job is to train you and help you starting out you won't be out there along traveling...

Jul 21, 2008
Should You be afraid to get out on the big road as a truck driver?
by: The Crazy Trucker

Absolutely Not.

Hello Milton,

Man, It's naturally to be a little hesitant to jump into the unknown, even if you know a little about it. I understand its not the same as getting out there.

There probably is a much greater chance of something going wrong at a football game, or on your way to Walmart than something tragedy occurring to you as a truck driver. I can't lie, is it dangerous? yes it is. But not so much so that its something you stress about.

I been driving 10 years 1 million miles and yes 2 accidents, neither my fault. I am here able to respond to your question and about to get on the big road head to Kansas City in a little while.

Accidents can happen. Here are some things that I learned to best avoid getting caught up in them.'

#1 If you get sleepy pull it over. If you are not at a safe place, pull over real quick and do some push ups and jumping jacks to get a little energy and then pull off as soon as you can and take 45 min. nap if you need to.

#2 Always try to allow yourself a cushion when traveling down the highway. Don't drive in a crowd. This gives you a better vision of what's happening farther ahead and all around. You react to what you see happening and not to someone elses reaction.

#3 If you are the worrying type, I see you are also the Christian type. Let the worries go man. Say a Prayer before your trips and let God have it.
Think about it man, if God got your back what is there to worry about.

The way I look at it, if its my time to go, then its, my time. So I don't worry about dying or the what if's much.

I just try not to do nothing stupid to test the whole thing! Lol you know I am not gonna jump out in front of a moving train with my chest out! haha

So that's my advice man. Don't worry. Pray and let it go. It's not as bad as the news makes it. Think about it hundreds of thousands of truck moving everyday. Our drivers are the safest on the road contrary to popular belief. Any truck driver and even AAA will tell you that.


If you don't you will always wonder about what if I had became a driver. 10 years from now you'll be saying to yourself. I wonder what it would have been like if I had done it. You don't want that.


If its not meant to be, something will happen to keep you from finishing truck driving school. Or the companies will find reasons not to hire you.

If work toward your dreams and God lets you make it to the big road...


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