CDL Student needs on help form!!!!!!

by Matt

Hello there my name is matt and I will be taking a CDL class next week. They gave me a worksheet to do some research on truck driving. #1) What is a normal work day like ( typical duties, responsibilities, pressures, risks, and traveling). #2)What skills, education, or training are required for truck driving? #3) What is the range of entry-level wages? #4) What are typical entry-level benefits? #5) What experience is necessary to enter this occupation? I thank you again for your help. I really really enjoy the website too. For a student like myself this website has really helped me already thank you I hope to hear from you soon thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt

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Aug 15, 2009
A day in the Life of a trucker in a Nutshell
by: Jimmy

Hey Matt, No experience is needed to start trucking. Very minimal benefits in this biz. Entry level wages $300-$700 weekly. No particular skills, education or training other than truck school.

A normal work day is waking up, bathroom break, breakfast, pre-trip inspection on the truck, minimal paperwork then start rolling.

Lets say you loaded in San Jose, Ca. and had to deliver in Dallas, Tx. And were allowed 3 days to get there. That's about 1600 miles. So you need to do about 535 miles a day average. You can do about 600 miles a day without busting your rear. Maybe 675, but that's pushing it.

Always figure in delays/construction zones/accidents/fuel stops/breakdowns/rush hour traffic etc. I recommend getting the brunt of the trip done in the first day or two. Then you can do the last day and relax.

When loading/unloading, it's a different story because you will be dealing with a shipper/consignee and not doing much driving, at least not 600 miles.

Loading/unloading can take 1 hour or 10 hours. So, besides driving, you have to allow for sleep/shower/fuel/eat/paperwork/communicating with dispatch,shipper,consignee etc. Jimmy

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