Company Driver

by Steve Hunter

I'm a company driver and I have a feeling that I'm about to be fired for a weight ticket.

Scenario: As I proceeded through the first weight station on 95 in Va I was given the green light which means my trailer was properly loaded.

As I proceeded to the second weight station on 85 south of Va I was given the red light for 3,500 lbs over weight on my drive tires. Can I be fired?

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Nov 18, 2011
cat scale NEW
by: blue bird

roll across them cat scale so u know.($9.50)1st-/\/\$1-2nd.or have an old cat scale ticket on the dash so they can see it,that works some times.with my company they allow you one time being shut down.if you where shutdown that is bad..being over a ton over gross is bad.go to a scale that is close from pick up& if over gross (((TAKE BACK TO SHIPPER)))

Apr 09, 2011
Did you scale the load?
by: Another Comapny Driver

You did not mention your fuel levels at the first and second scale house. Did you scale the load after picking up the load at the shipper or just start driving? Don't forget fuel weighs about eight (8) pounds per gallon so two (2) full 110 gallon fuel tanks weighs about 1760 pounds.

Apr 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Well if you had been overweight they would have got you at the first set did you stop and adjust your weight. No i do not think you will get fired. Just may have to pay the ticket.

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