If you have worked for a trucking company that hire felons please recommend that trucking company at the bottom of the page so other drivers can get on. Thanks.

Trucking Jobs For Felons

Before learning about getting trucking jobs for felons read about what companies, owner operators and the industry need in the person they will hire as a new driver. This gives will help you in your interview by showing you understand what hiring personnel are looking for.

how to be the type of driver the industry needs.

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Trucking jobs for felons of course may be a little harder to find but they are out there. I called a few companies just to get an idea of how much variation there was in how trucking companies dealt with felons. I was happy to find out that there was a variety of responses cause this means there is hope for you getting a trucking job.

Having 2 felonies will definitely present an even harder challenge and for some companies, it was a no go automatically. Other trucking companies still said it depended on what the charges were and how long ago.

Schneider even insisted on not responded on whether 2 felonies would automatically disqualify you from becoming a driver, she said she could not answer without knowing the individual circumstances around the felony. (This is a good sign, it means that you have a chance.) That was the Charlotte terminal.

So ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry you are faced with this challenge but do stay strong and keep pressing on. I am very happy that you are actively seeking to do something positive moving forward, just don't let the closed doors discourage you. Some people are going to act like they never made bad choices(MADE MY SHARE!) but they will be reminded of theirs soon enough when someone holds their mistakes from the past against them.

There will be some people like me who understands that people do make mistakes and they will listen to what you have to say about what happened and talk to you long enough to determined if they think you are a different person than you were when you got the felonies.

So be sure you conduct yourself with that in mind. Your attitude is your greatest asset.

Especially if you get an interview with a company. Dress like a preppy college kid and be sure to express your acknowledgment of having made mistakes. Let it show that you have matured and learned from those mistakes and have no desire to continue down that path. (you can throw in, "All I need is a 2nd chance to prove it. I hope that people will realize that we all have made mistakes and give me that 2nd chance.")

Keep in mind sometimes there are guidelines that hiring people must follow so don't take it personal if they give a quick no to your interest.

Just stay positive and keep knocking on doors and call those trucking companies job.

Also if you go to a trucking that gives you a try be sure to come back and list it here so others will have a lead on where to apply to get hired and get on with their trucking career into a positive future.

Good luck and thanks for dropping by. Let me know if there is a way that I can help you further. Make sure you also read this page and try some of the advice before you leave the site.

How To Get Experience After Getting Your CDLs

Note: Meeting people and building relationships will be your next best asset. Don't get discouraged and stay in the house, you MUST go out and network.

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Recent Graduate From Trucking School 
I am a recent graduate from a CDL school, and I have a felony that is 9+ years old. When attending school I worked because we were behind in bills. …

looking for school/company with loans or grants or will pay for my school!!!! HELP PLEASE 
21Years old and have been a felon since before i graduated high school "sad i kno" but everyone makes mistakes just "LEARN FROM THEM". BEEN INTERESTED …

If your convicted of a felony not the best company to go for. I attended there school and busted my butt to get my cdl and they changed their mind on …

CALIFORNIA Law on marijuana and employment 
Under CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE an employer can not disclose a marijuana conviction over two years old.

4 year old marijuana violation 
I was convicted of a civil law out of the state of Oregon in 2009. A jurisdiction that does not have criminal laws on marijuana. Other than that my driving …

Suggestions, advice, and some hope for truckers who are felons like I am 
I've gotten four jobs driving trucks since my 2003 felony conviction. One was with a private manufacturing company, with two big trucks, after asking me …

2 Trucking companies that hire ex felons in Arizona 
I have found two companies that will hire in Arizona after 7 years from conviction date in they are CRST and KNIGHT transportation good luck to you all. …

advice needed 
I have a misdemeanor charge for possession of weed almost 3 years ago from right after my divorce. I have 4 kids which depend on me to take care of them. …

Flat Creek Transportation 
They will hire just about anybody. Its not the best but it is the best for a felon. I worked there a year now going on my own with a lease purchase with …

Licensed CDL driver with only schooling and a class 3 felony that is only 3 years old 
can anyone please direct me towards any companies that would be will to give me a chance? I've tried so many companies and keep being told no. i even …

Arrow trucking in Tulsa 
10 They are a flatbed company, gave me a chance in 2005 and I have a great deal of felonies.

SunState Carriers, Tavares, Fl. 
This is a reefer company with about 130 trucks. fairly new equipment, and maintenance is top notch. They gave me a chance with 1 felony almost 8 …

There is hope for felons 
I had multiple convictions . Im in California , and had a job three days after obtaining my CDL. I just worked at finding out who would hire with the …

2 Trucking companies that may hire recent felons 
I believe I found two trucking companies that hire felons. I was released 7 months ago and have been looking for a trucking job. Only to be turned …

Out of Riverside Ca looking for trucking job 
looking for trucking job but i have a felony. Sema contruction

I work for Carolina cargo out of rock hIll, s.c 
This is not the best of companies to work for but it is definetly a starting point for drivers with no experience And a felonies or a challenging driving …

Sorry man 
Dude you got too many links on your sidebar. I'm just saying. It looks good and all with the red on beige and all that shit going on, but there's too damn …

Swift Transportation Review from a Tx driver 
I would rate the company as a 9 mainly for giving me chance,worked for them several years and made good money. The lower level management was very unorganized …

What is The Best Route For Us? 
My husband and I want to drive team, however he has a past felony from 2005. It's an assault charge, however, since a few years before we met he was getting …

trying to get a cdl job 
trying to get a trucking job really motivated seeing how i basically grew up in a truck from the time i can remember riding in a truck with my dad i have …

HT Hackney 
Id rate it a 9 but they need to pay there drivers more


Work For Felons http://www.icicleseafoods.com/locations/ptg/#HowtoApply 
10 -http://www.icicleseafoods.com/locations/ptg/#HowtoApply

TransAM Trucking 
Has anyone heard anything about these folks?

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Ready Trucking Inc, Petersburg, Virginia and Ellenwood, Ga. 
Ready Trucking Inc, is a very good respectful company and I would like all that are interested driving Semi's should inquire at our Petersburg, Virginia …

2.5 year old weed charge, will a trucking company hire me 
I have a drug conviction misdemeanor marijuana 2half years ago IS there any trucking company that will hire me

Safer Transportation Inc. 
10. I was convicted of a non violent crime, and Safer Transportation hired me 2 weeks after I got released from incarceration. They even paid for my …

In Ohio looking for a change to go trucking 
My name is Jessie i have a 12year old felony i am a good worker i just need a second chance u can email me at jaelynn08.js@gmail.com please i need a second …

Highway Express gave a second chance to a D.C. driver 
Hello to every one. The problem is not you. People only go by what is on paper. That's what they see, not the inside. I went to Highway Express 2002 …

Am a class A cdl driver i also a convicted felony looking for work 
Is their any trucking company that need a driver with a good mvr and careful driver can u give me a chance am 27yrs of age and am trying 2 get my life …

Schneider National 
9 Retired from Schneider 22 yrs. One of best

looking for hope. Will a trucking company sponsor my training under this circumstance 
I do not work for a company but was hoping for some advise. I have a CSC on my record almost 8 years old now and a failure to register felony 3 years old. …

new start in life. Is there a trucking company that will help me get my Class A 
i got my first felon a class 3 and have my class b and looking to move up to a class a. is there some company that will help me out with training and …

G.B. Produce 
They rate a 6....but a high 6. They are a small family owned business that only cares about your work ethic. The reason for the low rating is the fact …

Crst trucking company 
Crst I would give a 7 because of lousy fleet managers and the trainers they have. Overall good company. a good fleet manager and co driver will make …

USA Truck 
1 at best. I jumped through all their hoops. Did the online e-gears training, kept all my appointments for telephone interviews and was completely honest …

Felony Truck Drivers there is hope. 
There was a time when anyone could drive a truck with little to no education or criminal background. Those days have changed. Especially if you are a felony …

Montgomery Air Freight in Montgomery, Alabama 
8 - will give a second chance to a felon (no drugs or dui. great small family company. Need clean driving record. Pay is very good.

never give up 
if u have old felonies try writing the judge that sentenced u, trust me it works. i had multiple that were 15yrs old and gotten them reduce to misdemeanor …

Just finished graduated from a truck driving school. I have spent all my money on educating myself. I have been to school after school for almost 10 …

SMX-Wstern Express out of Nashville TN 
I rate SMX-Western a 5. I drove for them only for 6 months. I had three different dispatchers. all was assholes and bias! I was approved to go home …

Need Truck Driver Training 
I need training because I really want to drive trucks and I have done over twenty applications and have been turned down five times already because of …

I would say they are an 8. I worked at Dick Lavy Trucking for almost 10yrs, like all companies some little thing wrong .But when I got MY felony in …

Just considering getting my CDL A 
Okay, don't blast me - but 22 years ago I got convicted of Sex Assault 1st with a minor. A baby sitter told her girlfriend we were doing it (we weren't!) …

U.S. Trucking-Will hire w/felony w/1 yr exp. Star Transportation-Will hire w/felony w/6 mo. exp. Felony must be at least 10 yrs old. First Express-Will …

Have a felony and want to drive, can someone help me, thanks! 
I am looking to get in the trucking industry. I have a little exp. but I also recently graduated from trucking school. I have a class A cdl, perfect mvr, …

ffe frozen food express 
this company is alright . I give it about an 8 .

Driver Unemployed Right Now Looking For Trucking Job 
I have worked for over 10 as an owner operator. I have a case pending right now in Atlanta, Ga. I have no convictions, felonies, or anything. I want to …

Looking at Becoming a Trucker 
I'm looking to make a switch in careers, but before I do, I want to know if I'll get hired. I had a possession of oxycodone charge 2 years ago, and adjudication …

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Hey Guys. There are some things you must know about being hired as an ex-felon. The reason why MOST companies say no is for insurance reasons only. The …

unemployed at the present time 

unemployed at present time 

Cr England 
1 I am A convicted felon and I went to prison for less than what the company did to me. I you want to go bankrupt want to lose everything you own go with …

texas transco 
3 they dont have good working trucks they fire people for little mistakes

j rayl 
great i have two felonies 1 for assault in 1995 and the others are 21 years old and i got turnd down just about all the compines that say 7 years 10 5 …

Trucking Jobs for a Felons 
Do you know of any companies that will hire an ex-felon, and will be willing to insure them?

recent grad looking for work getting turned down 
getting turned down for a 12 year old domestic for spanking my kid.cant do that in Michigan. have no other misdemeanors or felonies. no accidents never …

Truck Driving School Questions with a felony 
Alright I'm registered for trucking school and it starts next year and I'm paying the whole thing but there's a question, I have a recent felony but it's …

If u have a recent felon why do the trucking companies say u have to wait for about 5-10 years before they want to hire u and u want to get into the business …

U.S Xpress 
10 For giving me a chance

Western Motor Freight Inc. A.K.A. K.R. A.K.A. K&R Trucking . Anaconda/Butte Mt. 
On a good day they rank negative 7.

Carolina Cargo 
They will hire anybody regardless of your past, and how long its been. Give them a call at 803-789-3100. or check out their website at carolinacargo.com. …

about an 7,they have mid management probs like most gas companies,but are a lil above most definitely better to work for than pinnergy,they are awful,more …


Ready Trucking, Petersburg,Va./ felony friendly 
For the short time I worked for them, I can not accurately make a good assessment for rating them. I feel like and was told by my trainer( I was the trainee)that …

Florilli Transportation is a good company Not rated yet
out of West Liberty IA, have worked for them now 3 years, no problems other than slow freight. good people to work for. pay is always on time and accurate. …

Guaranteed Express Inc  Not rated yet
Guaranteed Express is a company out of San Jose, CA will hire any one with a CDL. I give them a 4 out of 10 & I Ran Mail on the east coast with lots of …

Go to Freight brokers school Not rated yet
Trucking not working don't give up I drove otr for 12years and just learned about Telepoint Connect 2years ago. They train you how to move Freight,build …

Bennett Motors Not rated yet
8-9. No forced dispatch, Lots of work. Takes time to learn to be a truck Jockey though...... ( You are only paid one way and must make your own travel …

j & s transport Not rated yet
Ill give it an 8. The boss knows you personally, and as long as you don't lie about being a felon, she's ok with it. Its a smaller company, (36 trucks, …

waybest foods, south windsor,ct rt.5/ countywide dist. Not rated yet
I am 44 yrs old & have been driving since 1991. I had a minor record back then but of course it was much easier to find a job.In 2005, I was convicted …

Slurry Pavers, Glen Allen, VA Not rated yet
8. It's a paving company with seasonal work (March to November). Lots of hours but not impossible. Hourly pay and overtime, home weekly, no long hauls. …

WEL Companies Not rated yet
10 is how I rate them they are a good family orientated company will hire ex felonies but no drug charges as long as its been over 5 years old you could …

Carolina Cargo Not rated yet
As a company that will give any felon a second chance, I give them a 10 in that respect. I try to help felons with cdl, get employed with Carolina cargo …

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schneider hire with a Felony Not rated yet
Schneider hired me with multiple felonies. This was a long time ago but they did give me a shot.

I just got off the phone with california emergency foodlink Not rated yet
I was told that as long as im not a sex offender. They will train and hire me, this is great because every other school said ten years after my vehicle …

J Melton Not rated yet
My last company J Melton trucking is a mom and pop outfit in Indiana. Jim (the owner) and his wife are pretty easy to get along with but the pay is lousy. …

Demaro Trucking  Not rated yet
9 is the rate. Demaro Trucking (336-926-4024) Charles McKay, phone number is 704-712-7456 call me i am looking for a job and i have a felony, i am local. …

four stay transportation Not rated yet

None Not rated yet
Hi,I don't have a company right now but am n school right now about to take my driving test on the 3rd of Dec. What's gonna hold me back is my felony,its …

pinnergy Not rated yet

campbell concrete Not rated yet

Celadon Not rated yet

Fortiesoil Logistic Company Not rated yet
Forties oilfield services include the rental, hire and sale of off/Onshore transportation containers, chemical tanks, chemical storage, handling facilities …

Webers Trucking company Not rated yet

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Trucking jobs for felons

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