Flat Bed Trucking

Flat bed trucking companies can afford to pay drivers more because they charge more to haul their freight but the reason they charge more should be obvious.

Haven't you seen some of the stuff on these flat bed trailers? The chains, straps, awkward shapes of machines and equipment that you see on flatbed trailers.

There are trucking companies that specialize in flat bed loads and then there are trucking companies that have a variety of freight that they haul flatbed being one of them.

If you are just starting your career and you know that you want to pull flatbed, go to trucking companies that already have flat bed trailers so that you can get continuous experience at the same trucking company. Also, many of both types of trucking companies will start you off as a flatbed driver.

You don't have to know what to do, they will train you. For instance there are regs about how many chains to use.

Others things will learn in the field like, how a spread axles responds differently than regular tandems.

Keith Talks About Pulling Flatbeds

I interviewed a friend named Keith out of PA.  He's been a flatbed hauler for years.  I asked him a few questions to give you some more insight.

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