Recent Graduate From Trucking School

by John N.

I am a recent graduate from a CDL school, and I have a felony that is 9+ years old. When attending school I worked because we were behind in bills.

After getting my license in July I made the mistake of waiting too long to take a job in the trucking industry. But I got a job with PTL out of Murray,KY.

My intentions were not to do OTR but this industry MAKES you. I bit the bullet for a month and came home to find something local. So far that has not happened.

After months of hair ripping ordeals I realized a few things about this business.

First, its about where you are. I live in Roanoke,VA and the backwardness here is tremendous. Plus there isn't a lot here in a very small city. Here its who you know not what you know.

Folks in large cities,(Chicago,L.A.), jobs are dime-a-dozen. There's hope.

Second, it's all about money. Insurance companies dictate who these truck companies can hire. The newer the felony the harder it will be.

Mine is 9+ years and I still hear crap about it. You'd think your driving record would mean more than your past but....

Third, pencil pushers will continue to decide the fate of trucking. And at the same destroy it.
Fellow felons, someone will hire you.

Please don't give up. Do not let the prick behind the desk win. If desperate call Paschall Truck Lines, its a start.

Sorry for the long post, just want to help.

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Apr 17, 2015
hiring most felons!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Roger Henson trucking Bolivar Tennessee telephone number 73 1659 2222 depending on your felonies and what they are how long ago they all of this company will hire you and put you in a truck today give Tim Holt a call. I have 3 felonies. 96,2000 and 2005. One is an Aggravated Attempt. Motor vehicle theft.

I explained my sorry. There's enough years being these that they gave me a shot. Tell them that Charlie (from Denver) sent ya. Good luck.

May 29, 2014
Ex-felon looking for work in the Trucking Industry
by: Wallace Adkins Jr

I'm an ex - convict on parole . which my last conviction is nearly 25 years ago, I just recently graduated from truck driving school, I endorsements of(Tanker), (Double & Triple), and (Hazmat), But My 25 Years Old Criminal Record Is Keeping Me From Getting Employment How long do most trucking companies go back in Ex-felon past

Apr 02, 2014
3rd deggree felon one accedent
by: Ramirez

I recently graduated from del mar college CDL program and its been hell looking for work in corpus Christi texas im behind on my bills and in the negative in the bank I recently left a good job as a maintenance man thinking that a class a CDL tankers hazmat twic card doubles and triples was something to better my financial situation at the time the money sounded good and a job was promised to me from a small company then.

When I was done they said they didn't have time to train me and I need to get experience somewhere else first and I haven't found a job yet. im very depressed that I cant provide for me and my wife. my wife is working overtime to try and pay some of the bills as they pile up. I really don't know what to do I have applied almost everywhere here in corpus and I think im throwing in the towel sad to say I think im going to look for a maintenance job maybe ill have better luck finding a job there.

I cant not work I have bills piling up don't want to loose my house over a bad school decision. fml any advice let me know thanks any suggestions will be appreciated.

Nov 18, 2013
Roanoke Va Trucking Jobs
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing with us, I think it will help some people stay in the game. Here are some Roanoke VA trucking companies that are hiring.

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