Dedicated Trucking Jobs

Dedicated trucking jobs come in many flavors just as all other driver opportunities. It could mean that you are running a dedicated account serving only a particular customer's stores.

For example Werner has dedicated Dollar General, J.B. Hunt has dedicated Target accounts. 

Or it could also mean that you are dedicated to handle a certain customers within a region.  You could even be dedicated to the customers within a region and another trucker handles other customers within the same region.

Like I said, there are a lot of variations.  You will find that to be a common theme about trucking jobs, trucking schools, trucking companies, which truck to buy, etc.  Lots of moving parts.

These dedicated trucking jobs could be doing the exact same thing every week or alternate each week.  A dedicated route might get you home every day/night, every other day, every weekend, every other weekend.

etc, etc, etc.  (You get the picture right?)

Dedicated trucking are perfect for some drivers. Those drivers that need to be home more often might find a trucking company with routes that go out and come back in 2 or more times a week or out all week and back in the weekend.

Advantages of Dedicated Trucking

A dedicated trucking job could mean a more predictable schedule and could mean more time at home.

  • Possibly more predictable home time
  • Possibly more predictable pay
  • Get familiar with customers
  • Get familiar with directions to customers
  • Can plan your trips and free time better

Disadvantages of Dedicated Routes

  • Boring (lol, depends on the individual)
  • Predictable
  • The wrong route could mean low miles EVERY week
  • The wrong route could mean low pay EVERY week
  • Dedicated routes/accounts could involve some loading/unloading
  • Dedicated routes could also mean multiple stops (paid of course)

Hopefully you realize that what is an advantage to one might be a disadvantage to another and visa versa.  So I am just pointing out things that you can inquire about.  Maybe you want to load and unload.  Maybe you don't like being surprised each week with new adventures.

However, just because a route is dedicated doesn't mean, it will give you want you want.  ASK the company about what means the most to you. 

If that is pay, find out what pay you can expect.  If it is home time, find out how much time you will get at home.

Can a New Driver Get a Dedicated Route

There are dedicated trucking jobs for experienced and new drivers. Availability will depend a lot on where you live. Remember the nature of the job is in (home base) and out (receiver or customers).

When you think about it, generally speaking, that means the run will generate from a place where there are large manufactures or distribution centers getting product out to retail stores.

So if you live in an area that has a lot of large manufacturers or distribution centers your changes of finding a dedicated run and getting home of the regular is higher than someone who stays off the beaten trail.

Large trucking companies are not the only ones with dedicated driver opportunities. Small and medium sized trucking companies also offer these routes.


Dedicated runs can pay really well since the trucking company sometimes has an ongoing relationship the customers they serve. There is a higher level of commitment and expectations so rates can be higher and driver pay could be nice.

Of course this depend on the trucking company you are hired at. Just saying the opportunities are out there so do a little searching before committing to the first thing that you see, especially if you stay in a large city.

Types of Trucking Jobs
Dedicated Trucking Jobs

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