USA Truck

by Michael Shaddinger
(Erie, PA)

1 at best. I jumped through all their hoops. Did the online e-gears training, kept all my appointments for telephone interviews and was completely honest about my felony (credit card fraud - 12 years old). They told me that I would have the job, and that my training would start in early February. I put in my notice to my job where I've worked for 9 years (I had no problem with this job, I just wanted more money then they could provide me with.) I quit a week early to spend time with my family before I left for the three week training course.

Three days before I was to leave I get a call from my recruiter telling me that my criminal record did not satisfy the company. They sent me an email to write a statement about my crime, which I did. I asked the recruiter for USA Truck about ten times if felonies are an issue, she said "no, as long as they are five years old for non-violent crimes and ten years old for violent crimes."

I was in a time crunch, this all happened on Friday and my classes which were over 600 miles away were to start on Monday at 10 AM. On Sunday, knowing that my felony was 12 years old and that it was non-violent I was fine and I drove the 600 miles from home and stayed in a hotel. The classes were to start at 10AM, I started calling the company at 7AM to get more information. At 2PM they finally called me back and told me that my application was terminated and that they could not offer me a job at this time.

I was devastated. I quit my job, spent over $400 to travel for nothing. I'm currently trying to find steady work now since I trained my replacement at my old job, they have no openings. I'm working two minimum wage jobs just to pay the bills and mostly living off credit.

Don't trust anyone until you get into some type of contract. I worked with USA Truck's recruiter for 3 months before I actually scheduled my training and I still got screwed.

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Feb 10, 2014
ex-prisoners deserve chances NEW
by: tim

I believe all of us deserve some kind of chance to drive trucks but I can see where some don't need a chance to drive trucks as well...if you killed someone unintentionally you deserve a chance..if your rape was told and found out as a lie you deserve a chance..noticed what I'm saying if you're not guilty by serious crimes of rape you deserve a chance but if you are no you don't.. same with murder..certain kinda drug dealers should get a chance not all drug dealers...burglars isn't really a violent criminal but some can become violent criminal and I'm an ex burglar unoccupied structure not dwelling and I served time for my crimes and yes I deserve a chance and others like me and not saying other criminal s don't deserve chances but the ones with serious and I mean serious crimes really need to be carefully thought through..and companies shouldn't lie to ex convicts who really need a job or who wants to support their family by working for their sorry asses..recruiters need to be blunt too..if convicts with pasts being true then yougot to too and to be honest some convicts aain't gonna tell you jack shit bout their past because they been through the bullshit recruiters give them for examples man lost his job or put in a notice to work for you..crimes over 3-10 years old and still lying to them..I'm not gonna buy your bullshit I'm saying I gotta ambition

Jul 18, 2013
Trucking NEW
by: joel19230

I have had the same frustration with finding a GOOD trucking job. I have multiple felony convictions less than 10 years old. Released from prison in 2007, but I have always found a way to stay employed doing OTR/regional. The key is to stay away from the big company's IE Schnieder, USA truck, US express. Find smaller company's that don't care about your past. If you live in the Chicago erea I can refer you to some company's that won't evain check as long as you have an insurable mvr. The benefits may not be as good as the big companies but you can make at least 1k a week. to no more:)

Mar 14, 2013
Star Transport - Morton , IL NEW
by: Anonymous

This company is a joke. my spouse works for these people. They are money hungry, and will deduct the life right out of you.

the dispatchers are knuckleheads, they pre load you and decide at the last minute to send you back in the other direction to meet with another driver to pick up a trailer only to find out the other driver is going to the same place you was in the first place- the terminal -.-

6.25 mpg <-- yeah right. going uphill in the WV mountains and they still threaten the drivers with a discipline action if the target isnt achieved.

the shop screams at the drivers because you need assistance getting back on the road. The shop maintains the equipment very poorly. If they think you damaged it even tho a third party CERTIFIED shop mech says it is not your fault, you still could be charged and back lash statements can be placed on your DAC report.

The office personnel seldom answers the phones and will not call you back on anything.

To be honest, they wouldnt even hire me and all I had was a misdemeanor.

They currently released 400 drivers from the fleet as of the first quarter of 2013.

Nov 26, 2012
by: Anonymous


Sep 13, 2011
usa truck
by: charles

After talking to USA truck on the phone and told them about my back ground they put me on a buss sent me to fort smith ar.. went to the week long class put me in a truck for 2 weeks then called me up and told me that because of my past they had to let me go then put all kinds of shit on my dac. What some nice assholes

Sep 13, 2011
usa truck
by: charles

After talking to USA truck on the phone and told them about my back ground they put me on a buss sent me to fort smith ar.. went to the week long class put me in a truck for 2 weeks then called me up and told me that because of my past they had to let me go then put all kinds of shit on my dac. What some nice assholes

Aug 17, 2011
USA & PAM is a waste of time
by: Anonymous

I went through all the hoops as well for PAM even got into there school in Little Rock, Arkansas through a company called Driver Solutions/C1 Truck Driving School.

After a week and a half and witnessing a fight in the DORM not hotel as they advertise but DORM I witnessed a fight and 3 nights later a stabbing. I was about ready to leave but only had like a week and a half left and decided to stick it out and so I slept in my vehicle so as not to get involved in the bullcrap these punks were into there.

I informed them of 2 felonies before even attending the school. 1 in 2000 and 1 in 2002 which they cleared me for.

When I got to the school I had to fill out a paper that listed my felony in 2000 but I didn't see the one for 2002 so I thought oh well thats there mistake I wont worry about it.

PAM kept dropping people left and right from that school so I thought uh oh, I better talk to the Director and explain my 2nd felony that wasn't on the paperwork and hope that I will be fine. She said yes but just to be safe she had me come back in during lunch to call and talk to PAM. They listed my first felony but not my second felony. I told the lady on the phone about my 2nd one and she said she don't forsee any problems but sure enough the very next morning I was called into the office and informed that PAM dropped me.

I later found out that PAM only will touch you if your felony is a MINIMUM of 10 years old.

I just spoke to USA and they also have a MINIMUM of 10 years for a felony.

I invested a helluva lot of money going to that damn school and was put in harms way because 1 the driver recruiter new damn good and well they wouldn't take me so he omitted my 2nd felony from the record and 2 now my damn truck is in pawn and I'm about to lose it all because DRIVER SOLUTIONS/C1 TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING wasn't up front with me.

I found out during my time at the school that it don't make a shit cause the school gets paid just for getting you into the school it don't matter if you get dropped or not as long as they can get you in they make some money off of you.

Granted they make alot more if you don't get dropped but regardless they make a profit for getting you into the school even if your only there for 2 days they already made there money off you.


Apr 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ditto happened to me, but I didnt quit my job. What I did figure out through that process is the school and recruiter are not actually employess of USA truck. They told me the same thing.
I have over 15 yrs OTR experience and no one will hire me with a 5 yr old felony. Companies post that they will but I havent found anyone that has been hired by them. I have 20 yrs experience local and OTR and cannot find a job anywhere driving a semi. Sorry to say driver you might want to consider a different line of work. And if you do find anything please shoot me an email and let me know. Good luck to you

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