Regional Truck Driving Jobs

By now you know there is on 1 size fits all. Regional truck driving jobs comes in many flavors. It all depends on the company and how their runs are set up. This of course will be determined based on their customer's needs.

Generally speaking though, with regional trucking jobs, you will get back home several times per week. Definitely at least one time per week, often part of the weekend.

Trucking companies usually pay regional drivers according to which region they run. For instance, North East Region drivers gets paid much more than South East Regional drivers. Less traffic, less stress, higher speeds down south.

At the right company it is entirely possible to make as much money as a regional driver as you can make over the road.

Some trucking companies will hire new drivers for regional jobs. Others will require experience.

Regional Truck Driving Jobs
Types of Truck Driving Jobs

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Regional Truck Driving Jobs

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