Looking for training

by William Ray Whitman
(Eugene Oregon)

I'm not working right now to be honest I'm homeless and I'm sick of yes I'm a convicted felon, five felonies over ten years old been off parole over a year been turned down by central, swift, c.r.England, kllm.

I can drive. Did it for friends and family in the past. I love the open road. I just want my chance that's all being homeless sucks, if anyone can give me useful information contact me at,

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Nov 08, 2016
It's bull
by: James

I'm James I was convicted of manslaughter in 1998 been out off parole over 15 years these companies will not hire and train you swift Pam , crst none of them will hire they discriminate they tell you if it's over ten years but they lie deep down they base it on your charge I'm gainfully employed for 14 years but o want to drive truck so if someone knows a company that will hire and train me I'm at 8065331465 james

Jun 23, 2015
Trying to get cdl's
by: Wayne Waldrop

My wife is a driver her company wont hire me because of the 1 felony i got five years ago im not on parole im 46 years old ive drove for a man off and on i need training so i can get my cdls and team drive with my wife ive found people that will hire my wife and i as a team if anyone can help me please contact me at 386 307 3952 thank you

Jun 16, 2015
Felon looking for a chance
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm William Ray Whitman, my contact information is 541-731-4616, please anyone that knows a company that will give me a chance I need help with getting my CDL, I can operate any semi on the today I've done with old friends and family in the past, yes I have a criminal background but that's not who I am today I love the open road being somewhere different every day, I'm just in a bad spot I'm homeless and sick being like this please someone out there give me the opportunity to prove my self to you my email address is, brwhitman64@gmail.com anyone who can give me useful information please contact me
Thank you and god bless

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