Car Hauling Jobs

Average car hauler pay is $80,000 2016.  Car hauling is a lot different from other types of trucking jobsHauling cars is also known as auto transport. You might go to a company that specializes within auto transport as well.  Some trucking companies only haul new cars. Some many only haul used cars or exotic car. Some car haulers may have direct contracts with dealerships and/or manufactures or auction houses. And some, especially independents haul  whatever comes up.

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How about NASCAR, you've seen those trucks profiling down the highways. NASCAR car haulers for example... sounds like a dream job for some guys even without the extra pay and benefits.

Sorry, everybody can't be a NASCAR or Race Car Hauler but if you keep your record clean and keep your eyes and ears open maybe you will get lucky!

For any high profile job like that you need an excellent record and it helps to know people because as you can imagine everyone wants the job. Back to earth...

There are other types of car hauling truck driving jobs available also. As stated earlier may end up at a car transport company that combines it car hauling services under one roof.

  • exotic car transport
  • covered car transport
  • specialty car transport
  • expedited car transport
  • classic car transport
  • terminal to terminal transport
  • door to door transport

Auto transporters can use a variety of equipment to move cars to where they need to go. Such as...

  • Low Boys
  • 7 car carriers
  • 10 car carriers
  • enclosed trailers
  • Duallys

You will also see duallys hauling cars with gooseneck trailers. These are used often for hotshot car transport.

Sometimes because the volume of cars for the parties involved just doesn't warrant a tractor. Of course their may be other reason too, who knows.

You can also make decent money usually a dually as a hot shoot. Just as much as driving a truck actually.

I would do a lot of research into going out and buying equipment to start your own car hauling business though. The pay is higher for car hauler because there is more responsibility and attention to detail required than pulling a dry van.  You will have to get your experienced to get to the higher pay trucking companies though.

Car haulers driver make good money, especially owner operators.Most of the ones that talked to loved it.

Other types of trucking jobs
Car Hauler Jobs

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