About Insomnia

Insomnia is becoming more and more common amongst the population. It could be related to the current economic situation causing financial problems or instability concerns or the current world situation causing unrest in the mind at a subconscious level! Who knows.

I digress.

Insomnia is of course the inability to fall asleep normally. It can be caused by stress, pain, depression or it can be unexplained. If you can identify the reasons that you are unable to sleep, you should try to address those issues which are causing the insomnia.

Don't just medicate with sleep, anxiety, pain killers, etc. in order to get to sleep. Try to find the root cause of your insomnia. If you have not clue or you have trouble breathing at night while you are trying to sleep, you may need to get a sleep apnea test.

Tips For Insomnia

  • Have the cab cool enough for a blanket to keep warm
  • Don't eat heavy meals less than 2 hrs prior to sleeping
  • Don't go to sleep hungry, milk and turkey contains properties that aid in sleep for some people. Don't over do it though.
  • Develop a routine that includes something you do just prior to going to sleep
  • Don't do anything that gets you hype prior to going tuning out
  • Don't watch television until you fall asleep. Turn it off and go to sleep at a decent time.
  • Don't play online until you fall asleep. Turn if off and go to sleep!
  • Don't call people who will piss you off prior to bed time. (do it in the morning, piss them off!)
  • Learn relaxation techniques like meditation to help you fall asleep easier.
  • If you have a worn out mattress make the trucking company replace it
  • If the truck is nasty, clean it. That may keep you from falling asleep for fear of a rat climbing up your nose.

Note: Insomnia and Trucking

If you have a problem getting to sleep, or if you are still sleepy after you wake up in the morning, make sure you get this issue checked out because it is important to get adequate driver rest

Drivers, what tricks do you use in order to get to sleep?

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