Flat Creek Transportation

by michael
(webb alabama)

They will hire just about anybody. Its not the best but it is the best for a felon. I worked there a year now going on my own with a lease purchase with ptl.

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Oct 24, 2016
Was ran off the highway
by: Shelia

I recently was ran off the highway by an 18 wheeler truck Oct 22, 2016. The trailer had Flat Creek on it. The driver was a white male - who was driving erotic. I have pictures of the truck and license plate. This person is dangerous and needs to be removed off the highway before someone is killed

Jan 12, 2016
steer clear
by: Disappointed

Outlaw company

Jun 28, 2015
help please
by: Anonymous

8 motnhs exp no acc no log violations. nothin. looking for an outfit to get on with and stay. failed a r/s ua and completed rehab for marijuana.almost 3k later still cant get a job. infraction wass with usa truck and that test was done in july of 11

Jun 11, 2015
Arbuckle truck driving school
by: Josh

I graduated Arbuckle truck driving school in nov-2014, since I graduated I went on the road with my dad so I could get some knowledge about flat bedding, I been with him for 6 months on his truck and I am looking for a trucking job that will hire me, I paid off my burglary charge but its only four years old, I can't sit and do nothing for another year or two I have bills and all I need is a second chance to prove myself.. The incident was in 2011, I haven't been in trouble since then and I'm not going to if its my choice ever again, I need some help here.

Jan 05, 2015
getting hired as a trucker with felony conviction (trampled on)
by: Brian

I have applied at about every trucking job possible driving a truck. I have a felony from 1998 for vehicle involuntary manslaughter (driving under the influence)young and dumb. I drove in the 90's for 5 yrs. and a year and a half in 2011 and 2012 under a learners permit.

No matter what trucking company it is, with my charge being in my own personal vehicle(not truck)they will not give me a chance and I have a plus 5 driving record and a very safe driver.

I think its bull crap(discrimination). If anyone could give me some advice.

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