Western Motor Freight Inc. A.K.A. K.R. A.K.A. K&R Trucking . Anaconda/Butte Mt.

by Max M. Myles
(in the shop Mt.)

On a good day they rank negative 7.

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May 01, 2015
complaining drivers
by: Anonymous

It always amazes me to read how bad someone or something is. Not one of the complainers has ever taken responsibility for there own actions. Why didn't you get paid .Did you not hand your paperwork in .

The labor board is set up to help employees when wronged but yet when I investigated these complaints I found that Western Motor Freight had none.So my question is why havent anyone gone to the labor board .?Oh let me guess they to are bad people . For all the people that has complained to this site there are no names.

really if you are very passionate about your complaint put your name along side of it so people can find out what kind of person you are . Do you have good credit? do you have a record that no one else would hire you?

These sites are very one sided so If you believe what is written then you are probably just like the writers .

Apr 11, 2014
they din't pay me my last month and half
by: Anonymous

yes wester motor freight or KR trucking man they are bad to the bones they owe me for the last month and half I am still waiting for my check Kid the owner man he is just a bad person a man that take the wage of his employee I had co drivers that they were own money and never been paid I dint belive of to it happen to my self don't work for hem they will make you slave and wont pay you and they don't care for the custumer eather DON'T HIRE THEM AS YOUR CARRIER !neither WORK FOR THEM !

Feb 20, 2012
company should b shut down!!!!
by: Anonymous

ur right, company dont pay and breaks the law treats employees like crap and they talk about one another. i tried fixin there trucks there junk and the owner sits back and yells and collects money. i dont know how he stays in buisness..........

Dec 19, 2011
New Trucks and 2-3 weeks out 1 home?
by: Anonymous

Well i can tell you first hand, i worked for them for 3 months and i was out for 6 weeks. to long for any driver. Not healthy or safe.

Anyways The information they have for the drivers is incorrect to deliver the load and i can promise you that the office blamed it all on you, I would call the destination and it would be a bad number and even sometimes wrong address.

The office will treat you like your the idiot,
But believe me they will rip you off, and one of there ways of doing it, Is they lose fuel reciepts( I was warned from other drivers of this so double up on reciepts), that way they can charge you plus get the fuel for free,
On my last pay check,

They had multi express codes of the same number for differnt fuel fill ups
each express code is called an advance to the driver.

They will have you call them every hour on the hour if you are waitng for a load to haul. and it is the same thing you call they say call back in a hour. I sat for a 5 days one week.

They will tell you that you need to send in the trip envelopes and that in the contract it tell you to use fed x. They never gave a me a contract stating to use fed x i was forced to fine my own way to get them the trip envelops which was the post office (ever drive down town to mail?

One of my pay checks was for one week (one trip envelope) Montana to North carolina and i grossed $1,152.00 dollars my take home was $202.00 And there stubs show no read outs of the personal advance. So it's a quessing game. They use that personal advance scam on me and said i spent over 600.00 in one week, remember every time you get and express code it is a personal advance so you can buy Faxes,Fuel,Break downs, tires,oil, (o and expect to buy oil,

There trucks are oil leaking Junk)There trucks run on wore out tires Just enough to get out of the yard. Now on the plus side this company is great for new drivers trying to get into the business and you can get your experience But expect to get screwed.

O there best truck was a KW with old Freightliner used parts Like i said great for starters. The people in the office lack the experience to run a good company it fly by night set up. O and i'm still waiting for my last check from them.
Then i'm fileing a complaint to the Deparment Of Labor

Jul 13, 2011
by: tm

this company"western motor freight" doesn't care about the shipper,reciever or the employe's making them money as well as the trucks they have for their driver's. they dont care if your the one that gets the ticket because they won't up-keep and keep the trucks safe. they push and push

you to take draws that they later charge you a fee for your own money that they pushed you to take. if you fill out a w4 they still decide how much they are going to tax you.(very wrong) they have had to change the name 2 times already(this is the 3rd) for being shut down. and have a day or two off? only when and WHERE they say which is normally never at home and you have to stay with the truck babysitting it for ZERO!!! and don't take it to go to the store if your not moving. and pay check?

I think I've forgotten what that is. and if you say something about it,like where is it? they will set you up to fire you and try to have some excuse that you messed up there beatup poorly maintained truck and don't have a check coming after 29 days of driving everyday. stay away its better to not work than to work for free for 2 guys that scream and yell!!! they have real issues.

Feb 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

wester motor freight the company that dont pay his drivers

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