recent grad looking for work getting turned down

by rick
(three rivers mi)

getting turned down for a 12 year old domestic for spanking my kid.cant do that in Michigan. have no other misdemeanors or felonies. no accidents never had a speeding ticket i am 44. i work in construction so i have had quite a few different jobs but i was at last job for 2 years and have been building a house for a year for my mom so she could save on contractors.then i could not find a job because of economy.

you move around in jobs quite a bit because some contractors cant keep you busy steady.have only collected unemployment for three months out of my whole life.i am a hard worker and steady for the right employer.

need to know what to do to prove to these companies i am a team player , just want steady employment construction is not it getting too old to keep moving around.want to settle down into something steady.and i know about life on the road because i have been out there before.

i think my truck would be better than trying to sleep in motel rooms with kids jumping on the bed upstairs.thanks for listening,just need to be steered in the right direction.what do i do running out of moola.

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May 19, 2010
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Jan 16, 2009
Finding a job
by: Jimmy

Rick, the kid spanking is a misdomeaner, right? Will the previous employer for 2 years fudge and say 3 years? Even though you have to list 10 years previous employment, the employer is only required, by law, to verify the last 3. Shhhhhhh, keep that to yourself. It's a little known fact. Hope this helps. Jimmy

Dec 31, 2008
hard 2 get hired in the trucking industry?
by: thecrazytrucker

Hello Rick,

Man your record doesn't sound that bad and its a long time ago usually anything beyond 10 years they don't sweat as much. You probably need to call a lot more companies, remember there are thousands even if you got turn down from 100 its only a fraction of companies that are out there.

Another thing to do is to think outside of the box. Don't just call companies that you see advertise, stop by local companies that you see near where you live. They may have needs for hiring but not have funds or needs for an advertising budget.

That's how I got one of the best jobs I had.

Yes anonymous,

I was talking to someone the other day about thinking outside the box in your search for employment.

often smaller companies will feel less pressure to stick to strict hiring practices or will take time to take their interviewing very personal so as to judge a person more by their current personality instead of just their criminal background.

Thanks for mentioning that so I will remember to put that on the site more visibly.

Dec 28, 2008
interesting site, hope it helps
by: Anonymous


my husband also graduated in 2008 from the trucking school and it's not easy to find a job out there, specially with the economy the way it's going.
We found this site, it's called, and if you go to the truckers lounge, you can read through some interesting advice from some of the truckers on there. The best site we found so far from getting questions answered. you can also post your own questions and they will be answered. My husband took the advice of trying smaller companies and was hired. The site is free and so is the forum.
Best of luck to you

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