Trucking Jobs for a Felons

by Marvin Russell
(Fayetteville NC, US)

Do you know of any companies that will hire an ex-felon, and will be willing to insure them?

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Sep 12, 2009
Felony but trying to reach out for help
by: Todd Johnson

This is for the dude named Marvin from Fayetteville, NC, I'm from Hickory, NC and wonder do you know of a company that will hire me with a felony drug conviction? Its only a year old, also?Did Midwest Continental hire you? Or did you go with another company? Or quit trucking outright? Can you help me since you live in state?

Jan 17, 2009
by: Marvin


Jan 16, 2009
Companies that hire felons
by: Jimmy

Midwest Continental used to some years back. I think they are out of Iowa, Sioux City area. I've seen their ads in the little throw aways from the truck stops. Jimmy

Dec 31, 2008
get a trucking fob with a felony
by: thecrazytrucker

Not sure. At the top man, do a search for trucking companies in your local area and then just call them and see if they are hiring. Smaller companies may be easier to get on at.

These companies might not necessarily be advertising for drivers.

If you find one that is willing to hire how about coming back here to post the company for other guys who are look for trucking jobs with a record.

Thanks man.

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