Just loooking for honest employment...

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Hello, Ive held my class A Cdl since 2011. however i became a convicted felon when i was 17 being charged with manslaughter, although i wasnt the one who took a persons life, i was there, and holding on to i guess street pride.

The person that did the murder is serving life, he at the time was 34 and i was just wasnt even 17 3 months from being 17, however i was conviced as an aider and abeder.

I am 38 years of age now and my felonies were from 1994. I am still having the toughest time finding meaningful emlpoment. the companies that i did work for i never told them i had the felonies because they ask if in the past 7 years have u been conviced of a felony, to which i answer no. but yet they list as why they cant higher me is because of my manslaughter conviction.

I've really grown since than and has never had wanted to live with the wrong crowd, im honest and hard working any advice, not looking for a handout but honest work. thanking you for your time.. anyone with info that can help me can inbox me at supreme810@gmail.com...

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Feb 10, 2016
I need leads for honest employment
by: Anonymous

Have you found company that would hire you yet?
We are a very similar situation.
Can't get employment with my felony either,mid you have any leads I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks

Email salon_jolie@att.net

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