Ladies, post your personal experience about life as a lady driver at the bottom of the page. Thanks for sharing!

Women in Trucking

Over the road as a woman driving for a living.

This is Gene, a lady trucker I met at an Alabama truckstop in Huntsville earlier this year. Gene is what we call, good people. I saw this after talking to her for about 2 mins. She didn't hesitate to share her experience. In this video about trucking life for women, Gene give great advice for life in general.

It was only a matter of time before trucking companies started actively recruiting women. Women in trucking are like the new trend but with good reason. I have heard a trainer say more than once they rather train a woman than a man. Some even brag about the skills by the time they are done with training.

In theory women drive less aggressive and more cautious so that should also mean they are less likely to be involved in accidents. (Since I have written this, I have seen that there have been studies completed that suggest that this is indeed true)

Perhaps this occurs because men resist the trainer's instruction being more focused on 'getting it himself' while the woman is fully attentive and absorbs each step as its given. Who knows, that's my theory anyway.

What I do know is there are a lot more women in trucking now than it was 10 years ago when I started. I see women driving almost every day out here now.

Is it harder for women truckers?

Women in trucking have both advantages and disadvantages. Just like a male driver, ask 10 ladies you may get 2 similar stories, lol.  Also you will get some who see it a plus to be a lady and others see challenges that they attribute to being a lady driver.

The advantage is of course there are plenty of drivers out here who are anxious to cater to a woman's needs on the road whether its with directions on the CB, radio checks, fixing on the truck, etc. (Now, this is from both good home training or it could be from perversion so be careful, read into their wishful intent lol!)

Sometimes a woman can get on the radio just to ask a question and get offered a free meal at the truck stop!

Something as simple as that can be percieved differently depending on the person it's directed toward.

Again determine intent, it could be a nice guy and then it could be a clown. You can tell by everything else he says along with the invitation. Advice, if you or he is married, think twice. "It's only food." Well, what would you want of your spouse, let's do it that way. Even innocent outings can turn into other things, even keeping in contact as friends if either is married is not smart. Do you want your husband or wife keeping in touch with the opposite sex like this? Easy. These are pitfalls that people in relationships fall into when they are not proactive in caring for that relationship. Seen it over and over. You have been warned.

I have never seen a woman at a shipper or receiver being treated too much differently than a man.

If you are a woman in trucking reading this, I would be interested in and greatly appreciate your input on how it is to be a lady trucker in more detail at the bottom.

The disadvantage of being a lady trucker however is basically the same as the advantage. Special attention! Some ladies don't want it.

Though the drivers means well most of the time, there's been plenty of times that the woman don't really sound like she has time to waste or whatever and is only trying to get directions to somewhere and the drivers are talking over each other trying to sweet talk her instead of letting her get directions.

Even after getting brushed off sometimes they go on and on and even I get irritated, so I am pretty sure the ladies get irritated.

This pretty much amounts to harassment if you are reading this guys. Even though it's on the CB and no one is hurt, blah blah blah, it's harassment and you look ignorant and desperate. This is what gives women the substance to call of us pigs. Stop it. Have some self respect and respect for the women drivers.

Smart young lady Portia give great advice during this interview by NJ Katwoman out of Jersey. Yes Katwoman is a trucker also. She is doing the Lady Trucker Chronicles. Ladies Check this interview for some wisdom to live by on the road

Do women in trucking get harassed?

Every now and then a lady truckers gets on the CB radio and a few ignorant drivers are happy to respond. He may respond as if the lady trucker is a lot lizard. Sometimes they even know the woman hadn't said anything indicating she is a lot lizard and they call them selves being funny and disrespect the ladies.

Sometimes the truck drivers are serious and even talk nasty to the woman when she puts him in check. Mature, seasoned ladies simply ignore them and let them look stupid and they shut up.

Now, if a lady just feels like this is entertainment for her, then all she has to do is respond and they can go back and forth all night. Fair or not that is pretty much how it works. Same thing with the race issue. Most of the time all the clowns want is a reaction from the person they attack from the dark.

Most of the time when a male driver tries to talk junk to a legitimate lady trucker someone else jumps on his case and puts him in check before the lady can even respond a second time.

I was happy to run across this young lady's video. Tammy will tell you about life as a lady trucker up in Canada. Great interview of her by her! LOL

Should women let the ignorant few discourage them from becomin a trucker?

NO, for the most part you will be treated in a way based on how you present yourself (in person and on the radio).

If you are harassed by a driver depending your personality type either put him in place and then don't satisfy him by continuing the interchange or ignore him all together. And let us put him in place.

What ever you do, don't take it personal. There are ignorant people out here just like anywhere it else except as a trucker they have an anonymous way to let it show with the CB Radio and they take full advantage of doing that. (again just like the racial slurs, etc. No big deal.)

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Lady Truckers post your experience below

Women in Trucking

Ladies, tell us how life is for your on the road. Do you feel you are treated differently? If so, in what ways. Is it better or worst than men.

Do you think you have more or less benefits than the male drivers.

Do the guys get on your nerves on the CB radio?

Let us in your world! What's it like to be a women living a trucker's life.

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