waybest foods, south windsor,ct rt.5/ countywide dist.

by Marc Wilson

I am 44 yrs old & have been driving since 1991. I had a minor record back then but of course it was much easier to find a job.In 2005, I was convicted of robbery 2nd.Attempted to steal a car, served 5yrs & 3yrs pro. Actual time I was sentenced to was 10yrs.

I did my time, came home much more humble & mature. Started working const. and eventually got my independence back. Got a Tractor Trailer job with Waybest Foods, County Wide Distributors in South Windsor, ct.

I would rate them @ a 8...it's overtime after 8hrs & good benefits but they'll work you to the bone especially with a record. It's reefer & touch freight. I did N.Y. N.J. ct & other ct deliveries.

What I didn't like is that they would 90% of the time, drive me wayyyyyyyy over my hrs. When I brought this up, I was'nt called in for a couple days as punishment!!!

Guys, girls, the jobs are out there, just be ready to pay your dues all over again! I am currently seeking employment.

After Waybest, I did get hired at another trucking co., but was laid off after 8mos.
unfortunately, Was a good co. small but local and good pay but the economy hit them too. Good luck everyone!!!

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