What is The Best Route For Us?

My husband and I want to drive team, however he has a past felony from 2005. It's an assault charge, however, since a few years before we met he was getting his life back in order. I didn't think he would change when we met, but he has shown me how wonderful he is to me and his children.

Anyways, we're running into road blocks because of his past. He's employed now for 2 years, but won't be able to get the drive time he needs if he stays. Oh, and he's been recognized for actually changing and not just pretending to change. He does not drink, smoke, or use profanity.

My question is that I have assisted in the application process, but I'm not sure if we should just go to a school with a grant to get a CDL A and then worry about a job because he has one and will get some time... OR find a school that will take him, which I haven't been able to find an employer that will accept his change.

I get all of the talk about why gravitate to this field and felons shouldn't get a break, but I've seen companies get federal funding to hire such individuals. Where is the money going? To empty pockets or is there anyone actually out there that uses the funds and what would be the circumstance?

Would appreciate some input!

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Nov 20, 2012
To the husband and wife team
by: Anonymous

Hello. I was interested in seeing how you and your husband made out. Did you find a trucking company that would hire you guys as a team?

I question because my husband and I are in the same situation.


Aug 12, 2012
Seeking help with job for felon
by: Nick

I have a Felony for breaking into motor vehicle's from 2005 and currently seeking a way to drive truck's and obtain my CDL.

Even though i'm a veteran from the Iraqi war i still can't seem to catch a break from my mistake years ago, and wandering if anyone has any particular comapanies that might be able to help me out??

Jul 20, 2012
I have that job for you and your husband
by: Anonymous

If you can give me a call at my number.
803-728-5521 I can get you employed with the company that I work for that is a team company and they do not care about your husbands felony conviction.

we take care of our own.

Jun 23, 2012
The Best Route
by: Hervy

What do you mean, "...I have assisted in the application process..."?

If your husband has been working for 2 years and the charge was that long ago (over 5) you should find a company that will give him a chance eventually.

You/he should call the companies back that have been applied to and ask about the status of the application.

You he should also call around to companies before applying and ask them, "what is your hiring policy for felons with this charge..." They will tell you if they would hire or not"
This will let you know if you want to put up the money for school or not. If out of 100 none of them says, "yes we would" I wouldn't take a loan for school, I would wait.

Because when you find a company that will hire, ask for a pre hire letter. A letter stating that they will hire you when you get your CDL or that they will hire you and train you to get your CDL and how long you will work for them in return.

Meanwhile, read this page at the bottom other drivers have listed companies that did hire them with felons getting a trucking job with a felony

Also read this page about looking for local trucking companies

find local trucking companies for work

Best of luck

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