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Don't have a story but a few comments. First.. good site!! Speaking as a female driver for over 10 years I can honestly say the men treat us badly, yet, that has not deterred me . I noticed you didn't have an immediate contact page or link. Also, I didn't see a privacy page. If you are signed up for Google adsense it is their policy that you have privacy information listed for your visitors. Don't get banned like 3 of my business associates did. Get a privacy page as soon as you can. Go to one of the site build it owners and copy their page and change the wording to fit your site. It is totally legal and no copyright is attached. Also, your kind of cute.

Keep up the good work.

Ms. Asia Reeves
G-Tel Management

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Dec 02, 2008
by: the crazy trucker

Thanks Ms. Asia, you are too kind.

I wish you would elaborate on the treatment of women by guys if you get a chance. I think people would really like to get a better understanding of what to expect. Actually I curious myself if it is more to it than what I already suspect you may be talking about.

(Just the cb stuff is really all I was aware of but I hope you will comment further)

Thanks for contributing and pointing out the privacy act policy. I got that up now. whew

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