lady truckers from my experience

by lilmsbuttercup


I've been trucking now for about a year and a half. It's been good to me thusfar. I have enjoyed the challenge. I drive team with my husband.

I don't think that most places treat men or women any different, some do, but still in a respectable manner. On occasion, I have run into a few places where I felt like a walking "porkchop" and I chose to ignore them or make it known that I was taken and had no interest in them or their thoughts.

I feel like most women can do the job just as well as the men. Some may have issues such as myself but with driving team my husband helps out with this when necessary. I am 5'4" and weigh 135 lbs and am not a very strong woman as I was told by a doctor that I can't even build muscle.

I laughed when the doctor said that and began to lift weights, drink those lovely powder shakes and still no muscle.anyways the doc was right and I am weak.

So I have issues with latching the trailer doors sometimes, especially o some of the new trailers that aren't broke in or on the old rusty ones that have been around since the dinosaurs lol.

Trucking has made me a better driver all around and a nicer person. I think this comes from having to have alot of patience for people cutting you off, waiting and of course, more waiting.

I would advise any woman that wanted to try it to go for it but to make sure she knows who she is and her limitations before beginning...just makes things easier! Think positive, be positive, stay positive!!!

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