MoreTrucking School Regulations Are Needed

I found the school administration to be unresponsive in meeting the training development of the women students.

At the school I attended, one male instructor did not like to train women, one male instructor attempted to sleep with all of the women students before providing road hours and staff members.

The women staff members were more concerned with the exploits of the male trainer and could not focus on developing women students.

The administration ignored, almost condoning the behavior, perhaps out of a necessity for trained instructors.

The program continues to receive federal, state, and city funding for operations.

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Jan 14, 2011
School & Training Specialists Regulations
by: Anonymous

Thank you. It was extremely frustrating and disappointing. I had sacrificed to finance the program training as a possible career transition or small business. I will consider speaking with an attorney. I had thought about chalking it up, but this took alot of effort. There were a couple of excellent instructors in the testing and licensing areas. Ironically, the instructors who were the least productive in driving and road training worked with our state's department of transportation, so reporting it there was very difficult.

Jan 13, 2011
Trucking School complaints
by: Hervy

sounds like you went through a lot of b.s.

You definitely need to file some complaints so that there is a record of what happened. Maybe you want to run it buy a lawyer too.

Visit the better business bureau

also post and see if there is a similar complaint here compaints board and rip off report

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