Life on the road as a woman driver - Titan360

by Shirley

Life out on the road is pretty great! The freedom of doing my own thing basically gives me courage to put up with the rest of the world.

Being treated differently has not happened not to say I am not looked at by the male population but I carry myself with respect and in turn other drivers give me respect.

This day and age I feel the benefits are about the same between male and female drivers. As far as the CB radio goes: the only nerve racking issue I have is when I need to know the road conditions when there is a snow storm or accident in the area I am in and they tie up the line blocking any important information needing to be heard.

I also feel how you treat people is how you will be treated hence the number 360 in my title, so to all the ladies out there- stay headstrong and keep your eye on the prize of the reasons you got into the trucker's life in the first place. Ignore the BS.

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