Texas Young Lady Makes Good on a Promise - Advise to Lady Drivers

by Katrina

Hi. I am Katrina , I just recently started driving due to economy and a promise. My father was a trucker along with my uncle's. So I grew up with old school.

I lost my dad recently and made good on my promise to him . Making this choice was the best.

Yes I get looks, being Im 4'9 lol . I have had mostly good experiences most men will help with tandems, or backing.

Shippers and receivers are helpful most of the time. But I think the best part is listening to their stories.

The men like to give pointers also. Which is a huge help. A word to women though .. finding personal things for women In a truckstop is not so easy.

Get by a walmart if you can and stock up. Thanks for reading and l Will post again soon.

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Oct 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

Awesome story. What school did you attend and where are you currently working? Thanks and good luck.

Feb 04, 2013
thank you
by: Katrina

Yes I started at a school. I had a male teacher for 3 weeks, I was the only female in the class. But it was a great experience for me.

My trainer is a cool guy. He did not slack one because I am a woman, he did respect me though as did the rest of my class. Once I got done there and got my CDL I went to the company training. It is a long program with this company but well worth it.

I had a female trainer OTR and we did great. You just have to be yourself and a positive attitude. It can be intimidating but to make it all the way is so worth it. Just remember your only with that trainer a short time.

Learn all you can take notes. Dont feel they are being mean when you mess up they are there to help you. I know I made mine want to pull her hair out lol. I call her all the time for help :)

Feb 03, 2013
Great attitude
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing Katrina, you seem to have great attitude. It's good to see that your experiences have been mostly positive. I think I know why.

I was wondering if you went to a trucking school or not. If so, did you have a male trainer or female trainer and how was that experience?

I think that is something that many women are afraid of.

I am also pretty sure the advise on lady products will be well received.

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