there is a difference being a woman truck driver

by tm

mine is not about the male trucker's or even the female trucker's on the road. it's about the employer. I have only worked for 1 company because I'm a rookie after going to school getting my CDL now company's say "sorry you have to have experience" ok how?

So I take a driving job states away from mine but hey I'm in for the long haul so no biggy,but because this company knows this they offer me a job and thats where the hell begain first I went out with one of their driver's so they could "show me the ropes" NOT. but I need the job and the time in the job. so I end up working 29 days for $600.00 put up with sexual harrasment that no one should have to,but hey got to get my foot in the door.

So then they let me go out on my own HURRAY
I did a very good job for them worked 26 days straight never taking a draw so I could have a large pay check. I guess the working for under slave wages should have told me, but yep No paycheck!!! still trying to get it from them.

but as far as on the road I was treated they way I treated others. and if I asked for help people were willing to help. I enjoyed the road,really
but as far as employer's thats where I'm finding a difference in the way your treated. it seems male drives have it much easier to get that foot in the door.

by the way anyone know of a company that will hire a longhaul lover with 3 months experience? oh and female.

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Oct 22, 2011
No pay....
by: AlaskanWomanTrucker

I hate it when that happens......I call labor board. They will take you serious or ours does. You have I think 2 years to file complaint. I work to hard for my money to have them not pay me. Nope I go to labor board.

Jul 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Try YRC GLENMOORE and also try prime once you get six months to a year you will be fine. Just keep your nose clean no accidents and you can get a better driving job. Just be safe and always take your time and if you are not sure about something get out and look>

Jul 13, 2011
hiring female drivers
by: Lara

Stevens in Dallas, TX will hire femaile drivers. My daughter started working for them as her first over the road job. You will have to go through their company training and driver trainers in 3 levels but the satisfaction and experience you will get is great. She loves her job and all the people she has worked with at Stevens!

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