How I got over.

by GJC

I graduated truck school and passed bmv testing to get my cal license. I love trucking, traveling, and meeting other lady drivers.

I'm finding out in the last 24 months, a lot about my truck and trailer that I didn't learn from my trainers. Yes, trainers. I'm glad I had as many as I did, because I got a variety of views and opinions of what trucking meant to each of them.

My youngest trainer was 22. But in the last 24 months I've had something happen almost every week, if not every day. When I first drove, I had no incidents or accidents. I was safe and aware of my trailer behind me.

Now it seems like I don't care, but I just didn't get the perspective of the length of my truck and trailer, nor the potential danger of the weight and size of the truck and trailer. Before I quit or get fired, any advice?

Also, now getting flashbacks of possible inappropriate behavior by male trainer to me while I was sleeping. Probably drugged to sleep. Woke up with sensation, and I believe in abstinence! Just came back to me. I wondered why he finally passed me. But there is so much I find after an incident that I don't have yet. Ex. Patience, perspective of how trailer needs space, etc.

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