Yes I'm a trucker too

by Laura
(Stevensville MT)

I was a solo driver for a year, till I married, now we team. I wouldn't have it any other way. I found it hard to be alone so much.

It's interesting that alot of men tell me if I can't replace a starter or drop the engine ect. I'm not a REAL truck driver. Not once have I heard this being said to my husband.

I also,like the other stories I've read, can't talk to any male drivers without some kind of come on, it's truley depressing! Men think if we women aren't out here to do something for THEM, then we have NO business out here at all.

On the other hand, I've had some very nice men help me out when I needed a hand. You know there are some men who sometimes can't get THEIR tandems to slide. This was always my biggest issue when I was solo.

I got a big ole husband now to help, although I try my best to do it alone, it's frustrating to ask, but he doesn't mind TOO much. Overall I do enjoy driving, as far as the cb goes I find it best not to talk at all, they all sound like a bunch of bullies to me, hiding in their trucks, making like they're big and tough, but actually they have big bellies and skinny arms!

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