by Suzan
(Yukon, OK)

I used to be an OTR driver and I am now blessed enough to have a driving position in the oilfields moving frac equipment and it is an extremely awesome job, absolutely love it. Out there OTR yes there are a lot of jerks and they have been dealt with in all the ways mentioned above as I was a green driver out there at one time. I have found that when a dumb*** starts talking trash to a female driver a real man will usually step in pretty darn quickly and let him know he is being a dumb*** in general and advise them to refrain from their comments before the woman even has time to process how she is wanting to respond. Which is an outstanding and gesture on the mans behalf and a well appreciated gesture from the woman's stand point, generally speaking. There are some ungrateful or nieve women who feel that the gentleman is stepping on their toes and they can handle it themselves, which is their God given right to an opinion, but come on ladies accept the assistance gracefully and gratefully because some of the guys talking crap could potentially be really dangerous people.

Since I have taken this driving position in the oilfield, which I have had for over a year now, I have experience minimal harassment and trash talking from the guys from co-workers to frac hands, etc on locations. I get the respect that I earned from most of them and I absolutely without hesitation have to say this is the best job I have ever had!
Thanks for your time and letting me share my story and to all...Have a blessed day!


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