by Ruth Lovie
(Ohio, USA)

Hey Everyone!

Very new to all this blog and internet world on a publishing level. So much to learn!
My name is Ruth Lovie, Lovie is my middle name and my pin name on sites, I sometime use ladylovie or Lady Lovie, so if you see it anywhere, stop by and leave a little note and say "hi"! I am a team truck driver and have been since 2007 with my terrific husband.
It has been a huge adventure and way of life style change. Going from basically a housewife and mother, to now out here on the highways all over the states.
We decided to do this once our son finished high school and was heading off to college. I do not think I would of ever been ready before then.
I was not sure at first if it was going to be a good fit for me, but surprisingly this way of life can grow on you, and you really appreciate the adventure of it all, not to mention the fundamental service we provide. Everything we use on a daily bases is hauled at one point or another in a truck, and it has really opened my eyes and respect for all our truck drivers out there!
Just started my own site to help anyone that is considering getting into the trucking industry, especially team truck driving. All of your input and feedback would be greatly appreciated, so come on by and drop your thoughts or questions. I would love to grab a cup of coffee and meet all of you! :)

Safest Travels to you ALL,

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