Just like the boys

by Kourtney Marie
(Raleigh north Carolina )

My name is Kourtney I'm 23 I started trucking when I turned 18. I drive cross country for my dads trucking company. I grew up with 6 brothers and my dad in north Carolina.

I love trucking ever since I was a little girl and my dad and brothers used to take me out on the road with them when I turned 18 my dad took me to get the license and for my 19th birthday he bought me my very first peterbilt I still have it today I usually don't drive it but I could never part with that truck.

So by 19 and a half I was working for my dad I was making shorter runs getting used to everything one night on a day off I was out with some friends and I had a one night stand with some guy that I had known not really well but I knew him through a friend and not thinking right I got pregnant I thought my career was done but I pushed forward and I drove till I was 5 months pregnant and then decided to go back to north Carolina

I ran the company for the last four months of the pregnancy my baby boy Kale Kenneth was born on January 5 2008. When I told the guy he had gotten me pregnant he said screw you I want nothing to do with you or him with the help of my family and friends I got through. Kale is now 3 and has been riding shotgun since he was 3 months old!

I love my life I wouldn't change it for the world. its me and my son and our brand new addition to the family Axel the German Shepard. I may be a girl and guys may get mad and mean but in reality I'm just another person trying to make a living in this world if you don't like it screw you.

My brothers and dad always said she's a temperamental country girl and that's exactly what I am. I have no problem speaking up for what I think is right and I will put you in your place. I grew up with the boys work on our trucks Saturday take em mudding on Sunday I was the only girl willing to get down and dirty and be just like the boys! There is alot more to my life if you would like to see pics or ask questions email me at Livetopatyxo8@aol.com or Leadfootx9@yahoo.com.., thanks for reading

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Oct 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

send pics to tbird0154@yahoo.com

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