Younger Female Trucker Shares Her Story

by Jané
(OTR, home state FL)

Hello my name is Jané i am 29yo and when i started trucking i just turned 28yo a month prior. I was looking for jobs all over in Florida and kept coming across class A cdl trucking carers.

I started talking about becoming a truck driver with friend and family and they thought i was crazy. I got to hear about how hard it would be and how every guy would put me down or hit on me the whole horro story about its to dangerous for a girl to do. Smh.

Anyway i was determined, i wanted a life for my self where i could be my own boss and make enough money to take care of my self and help out my family at the same time.

I also never wanted to feel like i owed a man because he was providing for me. So i started my journey. My mine was made up and i went for it. I have to say it was the best decision i have ever made.

School was a little trying only because we had so much to learn in such a short time. At the time i tested at the top of my class and all classes at my Academy with a 97.3. Then we moved to the training yard. Let me tell you it was intimidating to say the least.

These big machines and I've never even driven anything with a trailer on it. It was okay though I got behind the wheel and I did great. But I had a wonderful instructor who is now my mentor.

Being out on the road is nothing of what they told me it was going to be like. I don't have guys hitting on me everyday I rarely even gets spoke to. People just normally leave me alone which is cool for me.

Anytime I needed help with anything someone's always there to answer any questions I might have. I guess these guys see me as a little sister daughter granddaughter you name it they kind of take care of me out here.

I'm not treated any different than anybody who's out here. I started out as a solo driver then I became a trainer and now I'm teaming with my boyfriend who has been there from the beginning of my journey and has been very supportive.

So much so he has also become a truck driver obviously. It's been a great experience for me. So anyone who has the guts to say I'm just going to do it I don't think you'll be disappointed.

But I also think it's something you really need to want to do this is something I really wanted to do before I got into it.

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Aug 13, 2016
I can Help With Health Insurance
by: Anonymous

Hi, My name is Laura Hendrix.

I help Truckers and their families protect their Lifestyle and Livelihood with Health Insurance.

If you feel you pay too much with Obamacare there are alternatives. Let me help.

Contact me at or call 708-637-1694.

Thank you

Jul 19, 2016
Thank you from a female signing up for CDL training
by: Anonymous

I'm a female who who is signing up for truck driving school and I'm very glad that you posted this so I could read it.

Makes me feel a lot better about making the decision to be a truck driver.

Jul 15, 2016
Just keep your head down...
by: Anonymous

... wear hoodies at night if you are in heavily infested truckstops

Don't attract un-needed attention to yourself

Stay off the C.B unless absolutely necessary,

Dont sit in your cab alone at night behind the wheel in a truckstop with your dome lights on for the whole world to see you are alone..

There are some dirty bastards out here.. unfortunately, waiting, lurking, stalking... to jump on anyone vulnerable, gullible or just plain naive enough to live in oblivion

Common sense say's you act like a man.. until it's time to do otherwise.

Stay safe. If you love the career and everything the road has to offer, you should be able to derive pleasure from it just like anyone else, regardless of sex.

I've ran with some pretty hardcore women that could carry more weight than a man out here, bitched less, told better jokes, and loved to fuck with the horny old truckers at the truck stop.

She thrived on it, but she would also put down a beat down like no man.....

Its all you baby. Do what you gotta do.


Jul 14, 2016
What a great attitude!
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing with us. I am sure there will be many female truckers who are glad to hear about your experience.

I just had someone reach out to me last week who was hesitant about starting life as a female trucker.

Glad to hear you didn't take all of the rhetoric serious and had faith in your ability to be successful as a driver.

Maybe you and boyfriend will be starting a trucking company in a few years!

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