by Patricia
(So. Ca.)

Trucker since 1967. First thing people say they cannot believe I am a trucker. Especially when flatbeding.

Trucking is by far better now for woman. But!! With the government and rules interfering with the industry its getting harder to make a profit.

A trucker needs to be a self thinker and doer.. love trucking and hope the future holds more independence and better pay/rates. Drove all 48 states and Canada.

Was a O/O until 2008 When after driving as IC for JEVIC Transportation for 12 years they went bankrupt and closed doors a week after my husband died.

Now a independent contractor driving someones truck and flatbed as I sold my equipment in 2008. Never had a wreck or damaged a load in all those years. Best advice I can give driver is going too slow is not! not! not! a way to be safe driver as you can cause more accidents than prevent them.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times is a must and if you cannot pull over next safe place and stop until you can. JUST THAT SIMPLE. Best of luck and life to all.

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