by denise ferrara
(center valley pa usa)

Oh yeah I think we got it made out of here being a woman. Men seem to let us slip by or it could be my gift to gab, lol. The only thing I could think of is bathroom break unless you really got to go.

My disadvantages would be upper body strength. Being a flatbedder, I could really use a few more muscles up there.

Other than that the guys got to hustle to keep up with me.

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Dec 22, 2015
Think I might want to be a trucker...
by: Anonymous

I love being alone, LOVE driving/ road trips, due to my personality/ brain type most "normal" jobs don't work for me. Wonder if trucking might be a good fit, but worried about being a tiny girl; parents might not approve (mom says not ladylike and you'll get mugged); not sure if could handle a big truck when even SUV's make me feel like I can't see the ground (I like driving fast cars). Any advice about whether this is worth looking into? Thanks!

Sep 25, 2015
Girl Power
by: Cher

You rock! Great to see a woman out there and a flatbedder is even greater. My hats off to you! Keep it up!

Sep 25, 2015
The Pin Master
by: Blake

Hello Steel Lady,
If you have Tandem Sliding Axles on your trailer The Pin Master will help you do the pulling of the handle so muscles is not needed. Check out my website at and watch my product information video and you will see exactly what it will do for you. Stay safe out there.

Long Haul Tools

Sep 25, 2015
What a gift to have
by: Hervy

SteelLady good to have ya home through. Nice to see a woman trucking and enjoying it. Especially doing flat bed which as you allude to is a tougher job then some driving gigs.

It's definitely good to be a strong woman also with the self confidence and wit to get along well with others. Especially in a predominately male field. That (self confidence, communication skill, being social) doesn't come natural to most people although it is something all of us can work on. It's no doubt helped you to enjoy the adventure of life as a trucker as it will anyone who will work on those traits enjoy life in general.

Bravo to you whether it is natural (which i suspect it is) or you worked on it! :-)

As far as those muscles, I feel ya. Don't forget though, you can work on those and build them up pretty good.

And no worries, you won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger just by building up your upper body strength.

Keep on trucking and spreading joy on the road!

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