Third generation trucker - Ga Girl

We have lots of advantages, I think. I always got special treatment 95% of the time from shippers and receivers for example I might get loaded and unloaded quicker than the guys.

Of course it doesn't hurt to a have a good personality and be clean and a lady looking trucker goes a long way. I was always told you don't look like a trucker,what is a woman trucker suppose to look like? Yes I always wore my makeup, did my hair, dress appropriate and always had my nails done. Just because I drive a truck doesn't mean that I shouldn't look like a lady.

Yes we do get harassed but if you are going to be in this truckers world as a female you need to learn to deal with it and not let it bother you.

Sure never let these guy truckers think it upsets you or you will be open market for the harassment. You can either ignore them or get down to their level either one usually works.

To sum it up never let the guys hear you cry. Us woman that are out here have to have bigger balls than the guys. I love trucking it runs in my blood.

I'm third generation trucker and love it. Good luck to all the new woman truckers out there remember keep your head high and no tears!

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