Life as a lady owner operator

by Ajay
(Kalamazoo MI USA)

here it is in a nut shell. i can do anything a man can do but only better.

i can not be distracted by the small stuff. i don't listen to the trash talk on the c.b. when a man hears a female voice they go into instantaneous heat. they want to know " where's that baby doll and she sounds so sexy."

he don't know nothin' about me but wants a piece of me anyway. or they will purposely give bad directions.then other men drivers will chime in and try to give different directions. it is not worth the headache. now in the age of cell phones i call for directions.

my dispatcher treats me like a princess. why? because i do my job!

i get to shipper/ reciever early. sometimes 24 hours early. 6 hours early few times 1 hour early. i can get loaded early/ unloaded early depending on the customer.

i keep the left door closed. i don't need to stop every five minutes for a sex break, potty break or feed my face break. i need to keep those "big wheels" moving.

i treat my dispatcher with respect. he treats me with respect. what he says when i hang up i dont know. but to my face he is kind and respectful. he knows that i will do my job safely and quickly. i keep in contact with him frequenly during the day. especially if i am having a problem. shipper/receiver/ truck problems.etc.

i am still passionate about my job even after all these years. 30 years out here. i have seen the good, bad and ugly of the trucking industry. i am a professional woman driver. i would not trade my career for anything.

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Jun 28, 2017
Sounds like a professional
by: Hervy

Ajay appreciate you sharing that account of a professional truck driver especially as a woman. Because a lot of women go beyond being cautious and inquisitive to being scared, cynical and deterred from the trucking.

You demonstrate that a woman can enjoy and thrive in life as a trucker. As a company driver and if desired as an owner operator.

Much success to you and feel free to share more tips for lady truckers for turning their trucking job into a career or becoming an owner op (or anything else related to trucking lifestyle lol)

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