Training Specialist

by Donna elicke
(Chicago, IL)

A day at the office

A day at the office

I have been around trucks all my life and that is what lead me to become an experienced OTR driver, driving piggyback decked trucks from coast to coast.

I also had the opportunity to drive as a team driver with my husband, until we decided that we no longer wanted to do that.

In 2005, I came off the road as a driver and begin training individuals to become Professional truck drivers and sharing the knowledge of being a woman in trucking to other women that are interested in this profession and what life could be like as a driver.

In 2009, I was promoted to the "Training Specialist" in my department. I still have hands on training in the trucks with students, preparing them for life as a professional truck driver, answering questions about safety on the road and what is to be expect as a driver.

When people make the decision to become a professional truck driver there is a lot involved, whether it is the husband leaving home or the mom that has to provide for her family. Everyone has an important decision to make.

So, take the time and do your homework before you just jump out there into a truck. Have a plan of action prepared for you and your loved ones.

I love my job and helping people to get into the industry is truly rewarding to me.

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