My Rig and Me - Life on the road as a Lady Trucker by MD

by MD Altman
(Deltona, FL USA)

I have always loved to drive. I decided to be a trucker at the age of 46. At the time I was single no commitment to anyone so it was easy for me to just pick up and go out on the road. I think the hardest part about being out here is the loneliness.

Being a woman it is very hard to find someone just to have a conversation with even over the CB every man out here thinks you are after something. The worst of it they show no respect none I have come across men who flat out say I have no respect for you you should be home taking care of your family not out here on the road.

I think that is the hardest part hearing those words. Then if you are on the CB you are nothing but a Hoe looking for sex. Trust me I am not out here looking for a man nor am I looking for sex. I am out here to make a living just like the next person.

I will say there are times that I do play the lady card asking for help because at that time I do need a stronger person for what ever reason. I ask nicely and always say Thank you and God bless. I do mean that too not just saying because that person helped me.

You asked if women have it harder out here then men, I think we do we have something to prove that we can do the job just as good as men, I do feel men feel threaten by us women.

I just want to be able to share the road with other truckers and make a living. I respect them and I just would like the same respect in return. For all the times I have gotten harassed out here for one reason or another most asking for sex because they only see us lady drivers as hoes and show us no respect it is so sad.

I have a book I write in everyday of the going ons of my day I might not write in it everyday because I am either driving for 11 hrs and when I am done I want to just sleep or take a shower or I might need to do laundry.

Rule of thumb
for me I dont walk the truck stops after dark I stay in my rig I have a pee cup I cook in my rig I am also writing a Truckers Cook Book. These truck stops are very costly so I buy my supplies once a week at WalMart and I have a frying pan and a coffee maker. So I just cook my meals right in my rig.

Once in a while I do go into either Flying J or TA to have a meal it is always nice to have someone else cook for you. The best coffee is at Pilot love their coffee.

But anyway Being out here for me is a blessing I was at point in my life that I no plans in sight for what I was going to do I was layed off from my job just broke off a relationship so it was me, myself, I no one else was going to take of me so I decided to go to trucking school met a lot of nice guys there a few of us still keep in touch.

Then I went off to a company to get the experience I need to be a safe and good driver. I stayed with that company for just about a yr. Then I want to experience driving a Refer trailer so I was hired by another company so that is what I do now

I haul refer trailers around the US. It really isn't any different than a dry just have to watch the temp. So here I sit here at the TA in PA resetting my 70. Waiting to pick up load tomorrow Monday 05/10 going to FL lucky for me that is where I live So I get to see my girlfriend after I drop the load.

Yes I said girlfriend I am not only a lady trucker I am a lesbian lady trucker so that makes all the harder out here. Well that part is for another day. It was great finding this site I like it alot, alot of info I have told a few people about it. It is nice that you have a page for the wives of truckers it is a hard life for them my heart goes out them. Well god bless and thank you
MD << friends call me that

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Dec 08, 2018
Woman trucker from Australia... NEW
by: Louise

Hi guys....
I just quit my road sweeper truck job to upgrade my license to drive set runs all around Australia 🇦🇺
I love driving am also a lesbian, 47, single kinda setting out like you MD!
Thanks 🙏🏼 for yr post! Xx

Jan 26, 2018
enjoy life.
by: A Lady Roadie

I am interested in stories of lesbian truckers.
I know there are some writers out there and lots of stories.

Where is everyone?

Aug 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

So I'm on the road with my hubby, I cook and clean, wanting a cook book as well but my hardest adjustment is having to use the bathroom (#1)

We stop now and then but he mostly uses a bottle when were pressed for time any suggestions for a lady having to use bathroom while truck is in motion.

I also would like more information or your thoughts about female trucker life and thoughts on team driving.

Thank you
Maybe we swap recipes once in while

Feb 11, 2017
Looking for a lesbian trucker friend
by: Beverly

Hello there looking for a lesbian trucking friend any out there from Canada or comes to Canada from the U.S. email me

Feb 03, 2017
Lesbian Rookie
by: Anonymous

Getting ready to head for training next week. Being a trucker is something I've always wanted to do.

I was a contractor in Afghanistan so I'm not afraid of difficult goals. It would be nice to have a little mentoring help from others like me.
Is there a Facebook page for lesbian truckers? if not I'd be happy to make one and be the admin.

If you're interested,
email me at
I will be asking for proof of identity so we can keep the page women only.

I don't really care if you identify as a lesbian.

Jan 23, 2017
10 years in..

Life is lonely on the road..Just simply miss the intmacy between women..

Sep 10, 2016
New to Life


Feb 11, 2014
by: honeypie

I would love to meet a lesbian over the road truck driver. If you're coming to Duluth Minnesota I'm interested in you. I'm fem, the butcher the better for me. I love to see that big truck!

Dec 21, 2012
being a trucker and lesbian
by: aj harrison

I drove for 13 years over the road.took a 10 year brake and now i am back out again.and i have been lesbian most of my life.i dont hide it.i am proud of who i am and what i do for a living.i would love to find someone out here to hook up with and run with.then i could have the best of both

Apr 10, 2011
Hey Babe...
by: You know who it is...

Funny...i found this website, looking for trucking info...started reading the women truckers section...and I got to then end of this post, and it was what are the odds?

It was nice to see you let everyone who reads this know you had a girlfriend (me)...and that you couldnt wait to get home to me...and now, im going on the road with's gonna be great, cant wait til training is done so i can drive, drive, drive!

Anyway, just thought it was funny that I found this article you wrote...luv ya

Feb 16, 2011
cooking in yer rig
by: Janeen

Hey, that's great that you cook in your truck! I hope your cookbook's coming along well.

Thanks for posting...I'm trolling around on this site reading all the ladies' posts as I'm thinking about going to trucking school myself.

God bless and take care

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