Little Bit is what my trucker friends call me, but when I talk on the CB I mostly get called Country Pumpkin because of my accent and the orange trailer I pull.

by Diana Newsome
(Myra, Kentucky)

Hi, my name is Diana and I have been driving a truck now for 6 years. I started out at a truck driving school and when I finished my dad and I team drove for about 2 years. He was a driver for 40 years and had retired and came back out to teach me the ropes of trucking.

What they teach in school is nothing like what it is out on the road. I could have not asked for a better teacher than my dad for the two years I got to spend with him out here. One reason is because he loves me and wants what is best for me so no matter how mad we got at each other he couldn't put me out of the truck. And trust me there was times he probably should have.

But I am thankful for every minute we had out here together. After driving team with my dad for 2 years, I drove solo for about 2 years as a company driver for the same company and now I have been an owner operator for the same company for almost 2 years.

For the most part I get treated with great respect out here by other drivers, male and female. You have to give respect to receive respect. And you have to act like a lady to get treated like a lady.

Most men walk to the door and stand and wait to open the door for ya, and many think they have to help you back into spots and open trailer doors for you wash your windshield while you fuel and when they see you pull out a tool box and go to work on your truck they surround you like flys on stink wanting to help.

For the most part they do it out of the kindness of their hearts but there are a few that want something in return and trust me you know right from the start which is which. Those are the ones you just say no thank you, I can handle this myself.

In the 6 years out here I have only encountered a couple of jerks out here that had no respect for themselves let alone anyone else.

I always love to go in the truckstops and listen to other drivers talk because you can learn a lot by listening to the older drivers. Most people out here are very helpful and respectful and go out of their way to help another driver.

I have had lots of help from other drivers and I have also helped lots of other drivers. We are in this industry together to get a job done and to get it done right we need to help one another every chance we get.

Most people I come in contact with out here can't believe I am a driver. Me being just over 5 foot the first question I always get is Can you really see over the dash and still reach the pedals? I am third generation trucker in my family. I love my job and all the duties that come with it and I can't see myself doing anything else.

I love meeting new people everyday and I have had the pleasure of meeting many out here that I talk to everyday and have now got a life long friendship with that I would not have met any other way.

So if you see me out here say hello. I would love to meet you and hear your story.

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Mar 28, 2015
Hats off to you
by: Anonymous

I am not a trucker but a trucker's wife & I went with my husband for a few days over the road & let me tell you, driving a truck would not be for me.

I, too, am only 5 feet tall & I couldn't stand it in the truck! I actually packed my bags, told my husband to drop me off at the nearest Greyhound bus station, got a bus headed home & I called my brother to come pick me up at the bus station. I told my husband never again!

My brother even told me I had a lot of guts to go on that truck! Everyone I know from family, friends, & co-workers all said the same thing, I need the medal of honor to have been on that truck!

I told them I need a medal! When I told them the bathroom is not always convenient nor is getting a daily shower, they all said "EWWWWWWWWWW"! Happy driving!

Mar 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi girl, like your story, alot like mine. Learned to drive at Carter Express along with my son Kevin
the man I met was a driver so Kevin and I decided to try it.

I run team with Kevin for awhile, good driver then changed to hubby, so know how it is to run with family, getting Kevin on with Land Star now, best straight truck op. to get with, no more semi, life is so good, Hard to find a companion as a driver, a different life out here

Apr 30, 2013
Ladys of the Industry
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing you awesome story Diane. We wish you the most success. Sounds like you are making the most of the trucking lifestyle and all it has to offer.

I am pretty sure there are some young ladies out there considering getting behind the wheel who needed to hear about your experience.

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