Honeybee - Its a hard life

by Debra crowder
(Titusville fl)

I have drove for the past 32 years and a Big yes to being treated differently an not just by men but the general public as well.

I own my truck and the benefits are so different. I get taken advantage of almost daily. For example I needed a grease job on my truck and the guy charged me for what he thought was fair to him.

Also I needed a tire for a drive he told me all he had in Stock was a recap he had other tires he just wanted to sale the junk tire....I use to talk on my CB today I don't bother turning it on. And over the years I have had to change my complete dress so I won't be harassed.

The company I am leased too has junk trailers an the last trailer I pulled didn't have mud flap so I called the company and let them know. I actually stopped an bought one an sit down a put it on myself an they wouldn't even repay me for it.

My first payroll check even bounced an it was weeks before I collected any money or they screw me on the rates. Now if that's not bad enough women just can't park anywhere and the truck stops are full at noon charging a fee to park and even reserving spaces after I spend 600 or 700 dollars in fuel...and forget buying anything in the store because they triple the prices.

Also the forced use of electronic logs are not to protect me it's to protect the company so if something happens they can blame u an put the driver in jail. I pay to use the roads but I pay high dollar for tolls in a state I live in....an deliver freight...And what's even worse is that the population who no nothing about this actually being a job thinks this is a party....

It would be so great to have maybe even a seat for women drivers or even a private restroom but here has nothing special for women out here I hope someday that it will get better for the women it's a hard life.

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