It's A Whole Different World For Women In The Trucking Industry

by Pat

Hi, my name is Pat and I changed professions to enter the world of transportation as a driver in 2006. I did this as a result of being laid off from my banking/real estate industry job and once I saw how long it was taking to find work, I decided to give truck driving a try.

I was the ONLY female in my driving school class and at that point..I realized I was in for an adventure! I got lucky and got a job only a few weeks after getting my license.

I began working for a food service distribution company in Newnan, GA. that delivers food to restaurants. I am grateful that they took a chance on such a newbie to the industry, but noticed right away that I would be only one of 3 ladies driving for the company.

Within a year or so....I was the ONLY lady driving for the company! It's really hard work...unloading a truck, driving, getting used to the hours and learning how to sleep in your truck! But I would say to any woman thinking of trying it...don't be afraid to give it a go.

I did it for two years, and even though for me I realized I was more of a "house mouse" than I thought...and I transferred to another position with the company. But..I wouldn't trade that time for anything!

Yes, I encountered rudeness, and general "foulness"..but you just have to have a strong backbone and keep it moving. I felt like I conquered something by getting out there, and it can be very lucrative.

I love to see other ladies out there representing! Don't let ignorant people keep you from considering this as a good choice for supporting yourself or your family.

I think more ladies should get out there!! Keep it rolling girls!

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Aug 14, 2010
Welcome Pat
by: American Trucker

Your very welcome and i hope you have a very promising career.
Anytime wanna chat

Have a nice day.
American Trucker

Aug 14, 2010
Great info!
by: Pat

Thanks American Trucker for such a great story and for shedding more light on the role women have played in the industry.

Aug 14, 2010
Great job
by: American Trucker

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