My Husband's team driver is a woman

by Darlyn Clark
(Casper, Wyoming, USA)

My husband's team driver is a woman. They drive between 5,550 to 7,500 miles a week. When she first got into the truck, she was shy. She grew up in a little town in Wyoming and had never been anywhere.

At first, she was harassed by male drivers. In fact, one day a male driver refused to let her fuel the truck. She never complained or even woke up my husband. I work over nights. So with our Blue Parrots on, we began chatting.

I explained to her that she has every right to be on the road in that truck. She has proven herself to be just as good, if not better than a lot of drivers. As her self confidence increased, so did her enjoyment of driving.

She now walks around with her head held high, doesn't let anyone give her a bad time, and even chats on the CB. She tells me that she finds it an asset most of the time being a woman on the road.

With her new found confidence, she is finding she can joke around with the male truckers, get what she needs done without harassment, and proudly wear the title "Mother Trucker".

My husband's team driver is a mother of two beautiful daughters, ages 2 & 7, and is married to a very supportive husband. She tells me the biggest problem she has trucking is family and friends who consider her selfish for not being home with her children. No way is she selfish.

Due to trucking, she is now capable to give her daughters more than ever before.

I, for one, am very proud of her as is her husband and my husband as well.

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May 16, 2012
Good for you! NEW
by: Anonymous

I think that is awesome! Women get no respect from a lot of the men out there. My trucker has been driving for over 35 years and has told me how some of their male counterparts treat them. A woman is just as capable as a man of getting the job done. It is wonderful you helped her like you did. If there is trust between you and your trucker it doesn't matter if the co-driver is male or female. Cudos to you! :)

May 11, 2012
added info NEW
by: Darlyn

Thank you for the comments. Hervy, you are probably right some women not being able to handle having a female driver team driving with their husband. You must totally trust your husband and the female driver. They have been team driving for almost a year now and trust has never been an issue. I chat with her as much as I chat with my husband. Whichever one is driving at night is who I chat with.

Personally, I find it an asset to have a female in the truck with my husband. Before she got into the truck, he had male team drivers work with him. During that time, he would be out on the road for months on end. Which lead to a massive heart attack that almost ended his trucking career.

Now, with the female team driver, he is less stressed. You can talk to a female about things men never discuss with other men. Plus because she has two small children, the visits home are more frequent. Since we are all from the same area, that means I get to see my husband more.

Threatened by having a female in the truck with my husband?? Absolutely not. I find it a blessing.

May 11, 2012
Yes That is Correct! NEW
by: Anonymous

I think that is what I read women are more safe!
Thanx for clearing that up! :) I guess my alter ego thought that we are more dependable too!! LOL!!

May 11, 2012
women in trucking are more safe NEW
by: Hervy

Actually statistics show that lady drivers are more safe then men drivers. This is probably because they are less aggressive drivers and are more cautious overall.

What I find fascinating about Darlyn's story is how she does not feel threatened by the fact that a women is in the truck. I think I can safely say that most women would have a fit. Of course some of that would be because of what they know about the man they are married to.

Actually, I am fascinated by all three.

I don't know if I could have a female driver. I think any male or female who can deal with the opposite sex in those close quarters as a team mate has got some seriously good qualities.

May 10, 2012
Statistic's Indicate More Women on Road NEW
by: Helonwheels

There is a clue here, so guys get use to it!

There are more and more females drivers on the road now a days! I will begin this summer with my husband this should be fun. His company is buying more trucks and need dependable drivers and this is what the statistics indicate. That women drivers seem to be more dependable than men drivers! A big hooray for women coming into this industry.

Good Luck to all the lovely drivers who are coming out!!

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