Truck Driving in Alaska

by Sharon Bissell Eddy

My Ice Road Driving School

My Ice Road Driving School

As a woman in Alaska just living here in the winter is difficult. If you are frail person and don't like the cold don't make plans to stay for winter in Alaska.

If you hate the cold don't take up driving for living in Alaska. It is a definite consideration to the one doing the job as to what type of weather will I be getting into. So yes, you can just drive in Alaska and be prepared but, can you honestly say you will be prepared for everything? NO!!!

For the most part, you can have all the spare parts you can carry but spare engines don't fit and neither does transmissions. Who is gonna put those spare parts on at -50 yourself.

I love the dream of driving again. I have been out of truck now for one year and I cant wait to get back in there. I'm not looking for drama I just wanna drive.

I just wanna drive

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Feb 09, 2016
We are getting older
by: AlaskasIceRoadDrivingSchool

Why do we have to age? I love the youthful feeling I get when I am driving my truck.
Driving over the road with my late husband years ago never made me feel old. It made me feel invincible. He did a lot of the maintaining things on the truck and when he died I really seen and understood why husband and wives team together.

He is the stronger of the two and well somethings women or wives aren't suppose to do. That don't mean if she wants to she cant.

Life as a trucker, what a life.

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