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Trucking in the USA

Trucking in the USA is stronger than ever. Truck drivers are still in high demand and will remain in high demand as far as I can tell because of the many reasons for the shortage. The need for drivers are expected to reach 400,000 by end of 2012. Trucking in the USA is experiencing this shortage of qualified drivers despite the high unemployment rate across the nation for several reasons. Here are a few...

  • Absence of knowledge about trucking jobs
  • Increase enforcement of industry regulations
  • Increase of safety devices used on equipment (ex. tracking devices)
  • Increase of regulations in the trucking industry
  • Increase of standards for driver's health
  • Increase of accountability and responsibility of the driver
  • Increase fuel price knocks out unsavvy business operators
  • Poor trucking company management
  • Poor driver support by trucking companies
Many drivers are forced out by not qualifying to remain, while others voluntarily leave with all of the changes to USA trucking.

Since younger generations had so many options to pursue and little emphasis on trucking by the trucking industry or the educational system, the majority of drivers are old and retiring.

So, there is more to the shortage than the USA trucking complaints would suggest. It's a complex reality that will be slow to turn around.

This however leaves a great opportunity to qualified individuals who ARE aware of what trucking has to offer. A solid career with decent pay and benefits.

Trucking Companies In Your State

Visit your state to find local trucking resources. You will find local trucking companies, local trucking jobs, state related videos, state truckstop list, state trucking associations, state D.O.T. and road conditions, the local chapters of Lifeasatrucker Support Group for drivers.

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Trucking In The USA

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