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Yes, there is work in Oregon. Trucking companies in Oregon are in need of drivers just as trucking companies in other parts of the country. The Beaver State is beautiful, if you live there you know. If you ddn't now you do. Tourism is a big industry because of Oregon's history and beauty not because it has more strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas(wiki)and not because it is 3rd in the country for the number of wineries at 303.

Oregon climate and soil allows the same type of grapes to be grown locally as is grown in France. This of course is good for business. However, wine is not all truckers will have to haul in Oregon.

Oregon unemployment 9.5% Oct 2011.

Oregon trucking companies will need to get out all types of freight from the state. Oregon is a world supplier of Hazelnut. including 95% of all Hazelnuts in US markets. (In case you didn't know nuts are healthy snacks, replace your chips with them!)

If you think that's all Oregon is good for producing, your nuts! (no pun intended) Farmers/ranchers also produce dairy products, eggs, sheep, wheat and poultry primarily in the North.

According to wiki.

In the south they grow huge amounts of Cranberries and other crops too.

Much of the other work in Oregon is in technology and office/corporate jobs. Technology companies love Oregon. Google has a data center in Dalles , and Facebook is in Prineville Amazon has in Boardman. Be on the lookout job seekers, Apple may be next hiring office types to work in an Oregon datacenter, just down the street from facebook. But I digress! :-) While I am sure those are nice jobs with good benefits and decent pay, some of you wouldn't last a week in those offices!

You want the open road, moving scenic ever changing views of nature. You want to find out what it is like in other parts of Oregon or other parts of the country. You want to experience the adventure of not knowing where your next mission will take you, who you will meet. You have always dream of having the freedom to not clock in and out at set times.

You just might be here because you think work in Oregon is not for you but trucking out of Oregon is calling you name.

You might be right but I must be honest.

Trucking is just not for everyone. Don't worry though, you are at the right place to find out what to expect as a trucker so that you can determine if it is something that you really want to do.

If so moderators and contributors to this site like Jimmy, Dennis, NickV and many others including myself will inform you of how to make the best of this career and be the type of driver that trucking companies will pay top dollar for.

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