North Dakota Trucking

North Dakota trucking jobs pays higher than average for oilfield drivers.  Williston, ND and other Bakken Shale oil field towns still needs truck drivers.  Some positions are specialized and dirty but the pay is compelling. $100,000 is not unheard of.

The Peace Garden State has been a unemployment rate lower than the national average for 10 years before the new shale oil rush. (Dec 2011 3.5%) With 90% of it's land use being farming, North Dakota's crops value ranks 9th in the nation.

It is the nation's largest producer of cereal grains and oil seeds (flax seed, sunflower, etc),honey, lentils, and dry beans.It is the second in production of sugarbeets. North Dakota is called the Saudi Arabia of wind energy because it can use wind energy so efficiently with open space and little obstruction to the wind.North Dakota is considered the least visited stated.

North Dakota Trucking
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