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I like trucking in Florida for the scenic value, but I tell you I think that the drivers there are truly the worse on the road. I guess because so many people are from out of town and also elderly. In rain be prepared for delays.

Some trucking companies or Owner Operators don't go to Florida much because it's easy to get a load to Florida, getting good pay back out of Florida may take a while unless you have the right connections in place.

Local Trucking Jobs and CDL Training

Use the search bar to search for CDL training, Trucking Schools or Trucking Jobs.  There are many trucking companies here in Florida that will train you to drive.  Also there are community colleges in several cities like Jacksonville, Tampa, Lakeland, Starke and Ocala FL.

Florida Trucking Job Videos

Trucking on the back roads of Florida.

Orlando Florida

Miami Florida

We usually hear Florida and automatically think produce but there is all types of freight that runs in and out of Florida.

Florida Trucking Top

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