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Maryland trucking companies has jobs for truckers to haul OTR or regional. There are also local Maryland truck driving jobs for qualified drivers. Maryland is a small state with a big punch. It had the highest median household income ($69,272 followed by Jersy and CT) in the country in 2009 and the lowest poverty rate (7.8%).

The Port of Baltimore makes transportation a huge part of Maryland's economy. The port was the 17th largest in the US in 2008 with the bulk of goods being raw materials and bulk commodities like iron ore, sugar, petroleum and fertilizers.

Agriculture products will also need to be hauled as Maryland growers produce peas, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes, muskmelons, squash and sweet corn. Manufacturers will need to ship computer equipment, electronics and chemicals. Maryland trucking companies will stay busy and needing local, regional and OTR truck drivers.

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Find local trucking jobs in Maryland or CDL Training by searching below.

Maryland Trucking Resources and Information

Find additional Maryland trucking resources and information on this page. We will be updating as time goes on. If you don't see the resources or information that you need check the 3rd column. Maryland Motor Truck and The Maryland department of transportation are at the top of this page. At the bottom add your Must see/must do places for truckers to stop and visit in Maryland.

Maryland Trucking
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CDL Training


The best route to your CDL depends on your situation.

If there is a community college near you, it may be your best choice.

However, there are many good private schools programs too. Some people will have no choice but attending trucking company training and many of those are good too. Some questions to ask...

  • How long will you have to drive for them to pay off the training?
  • What is the penalty for breaking contract? (If possible, don't break the contract.)
  • How many hours behind the wheel drive time
  • What expenses are you responsible for during training?
  • How much is pay after getting your CDL? Some pay is a set amount and some pay mileage. You just need to know what to expect.

    I just think it is important because most drivers assume they will be getting a regular trucker's salary. Often not true.

Types of Trucking Jobs

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