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Are you looking for rewarding trucking jobs in Mississippi? Look no further! Mississippi offers a wide range of trucking opportunities, from long-haul routes to regional and local positions.

In this article, we'll delve into the various types of trucking jobs available in Mississippi.   Let's get started!

Exploring Trucking Jobs in Mississippi: Opportunities and Tips

Types of Trucking Jobs in Mississippi:

1. Over-the-Road (OTR): OTR trucking jobs involve long-haul routes that may take you across state lines, covering extensive distances. OTR positions provide the opportunity to explore different regions while experiencing the freedom of the open road [[1](https://www.indeed.com/q-Trucking-l-Mississippi-jobs.html)].

2. Regional: If you prefer a more localized approach, regional trucking jobs in Mississippi could be an excellent fit. These positions typically involve shorter routes within a specific region, allowing for more frequent home time while still covering substantial mileage [[1](https://www.indeed.com/q-Trucking-l-Mississippi-jobs.html)].

3. Dedicated: Dedicated trucking jobs in Mississippi focus on serving specific clients or industries. You may transport goods for a particular company or handle specialized cargo, providing a consistent and reliable service within a dedicated scope [[1](https://www.indeed.com/q-Trucking-l-Mississippi-jobs.html)].

4. Local: Local trucking jobs cater to those who prefer to stay within a specific area or city. These positions typically involve shorter routes and allow for more time at home each day. If you value familiarity and community connections, local trucking jobs in Mississippi might be the perfect fit for you [[1]


Top 10 Cities in Mississippi With The Most Trucking Jobs

Mississippi, known for its thriving trucking industry, offers numerous opportunities for aspiring truck drivers. This article highlights ten cities in Mississippi that have a high demand for truck driving jobs.

We will also list some reputable trucking companies in these cities, along with information on whether they offer free CDL training.

1. Jackson:

Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, boasts a vibrant trucking industry. Several trucking companies operate in this area, including XPO Logistics, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, and Schneider National. While these companies may not offer free CDL training, they provide competitive pay and comprehensive benefits to experienced drivers.

2. Gulfport:

Gulfport, located on the Gulf of Mexico, is another city in Mississippi with a robust trucking sector. Trucking companies such as Crete Carrier Corporation and CRST Expedited have a presence in Gulfport. Although these companies may not provide free CDL training, they offer excellent career opportunities for experienced truck drivers.

3. Hattiesburg:

Hattiesburg is a thriving city in southern Mississippi, offering a range of truck driving jobs. Some prominent trucking companies operating in this area include Knight Transportation, Covenant Transport, and Werner Enterprises. While free CDL training options might not be available, these companies offer competitive pay packages and various driving routes.

4. Biloxi:

Biloxi, situated along the Mississippi Sound, has a significant demand for truck drivers. Local trucking companies, such as PGT Trucking and Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), provide employment opportunities in Biloxi. While free CDL training may not be offered, these companies offer attractive benefits and career advancement opportunities.

5. Southaven:

Southaven, located near the border of Tennessee, is a city that offers numerous truck driving jobs. Major trucking companies, including Swift Transportation and CR England, operate in Southaven. Although free CDL training may not be available, these companies offer competitive pay and comprehensive benefits packages.

6. Tupelo:

Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis Presley, also hosts a thriving trucking industry. Trucking companies such as USA Truck and Covenant Transport have a presence in Tupelo. While free CDL training may not be provided, these companies offer excellent career opportunities for experienced truck drivers.

7. Olive Branch:

Olive Branch, a city in DeSoto County, Mississippi, is known for its logistics and distribution centers. Trucking companies like Schneider National and CRST Malone operate in Olive Branch, providing employment opportunities for truck drivers. Although free CDL training may not be offered, these companies provide competitive pay and attractive benefits.

8. Meridian:

Meridian, located in eastern Mississippi, offers a range of truck driving job opportunities. Trucking companies like Roehl Transport and KLLM Transport Services have a presence in Meridian. While Roehl Transport requires a minimum of three years of experience, KLLM Transport Services offers a CDL training program to qualified applicants.

9. Columbus:

Columbus, a city in northeastern Mississippi, has a thriving trucking industry. Trucking companies such as Total Transportation of Mississippi and P&S Transportation operate in Columbus. While Total Transportation of Mississippi offers bonus programs, P&S Transportation may provide CDL training opportunities for eligible applicants.

10. Starkville:

Starkville, home to Mississippi State University, also offers truck driving job opportunities. Companies such as Royal Trucking and Powell Transportation have a presence in Starkville. Although free CDL training may not be offered, these companies provide competitive pay and comprehensive benefits.

Mississippi offers abundant opportunities for truck drivers in various cities across the state. While free CDL

Greenville Trucking Companies

Based on the information available, here are some trucking companies in Greenville, MS:

1. MM&K Trucking, Inc: MM&K Trucking is a dedicated and dependable trucking company that has been serving the community since 1983. They offer logistics services throughout the Mississippi Delta and the southeastern United States [[1](http://mmktrucking.net/)].

2. 3 G Haulin LLC: This company is registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT# 3495901) and is based in Greenville, MS [[2](https://truckingdatabase.com/companies/MS/GREENVILLE)].

3. 4 Tripten Logistics LLC: Another registered trucking company in Greenville, MS (DOT# 3948955) [[2](https://truckingdatabase.com/companies/MS/GREENVILLE)].

4. 4MS Hauling LLC: This trucking company is also registered with the DOT (DOT# 2900295) and operates in Greenville, MS [[2](https://truckingdatabase.com/companies/MS/GREENVILLE)].

Please note that the provided information may not be an exhaustive list of all the trucking companies in Greenville, MS. It is recommended to conduct further research or contact local business directories for a more comprehensive list of trucking companies in the area.

Greenwood Trucking Companies

Based on the provided information from the internet, here are some trucking companies that are in Greenwood, MS:

  1. Blj Trucking Inc: Unfortunately, I couldn't find any specific information about Blj Trucking Inc in Greenwood, MS.[1]
  2. Trucking Companies in Greenwood, MS: You can find a list of trucking companies in Greenwood, MS on the Yellow Pages website. The website provides a comprehensive list of trucking companies in the area.[2]
  3. Trucking Companies Registered in Greenwood, MS: According to the Trucking Database website, there are 104 trucking, bus, and other DOT registered companies in Greenwood, MS. Some of the listed trucking companies include:
  • BRK Trucking Company (Booker T Head)
  • Cedar Ridge Trucking (Lisa Wiggins)
  • Ellington Farms (David W Ellington)
  • Blue-Ram Trucking (Denarius Davis)
  • HVAC Contractor (Dent Turner AC Sales LLC)
  • Double Up Inc
  • Jays Trucking (Joyce D Capnord)
  • Keiandria McClee (K&M Transportations LLP)
  • Lawson Trucking (Leslie Joe Lawson)
  • LM Watson LLC
  • Malouf Carr LP
  • Miss-Tenn Transformers Inc (Mississippi-Tennessee Transformers Inc)
  • Queen B Trucking (Queen B Trucking School LLC)
  • R & B Trucking (Roach & Brooks Trucking)
  • R G M (Robert McCrain)
  • Amari Transport (Roger Cochran)
  • Staplcotn (Staple Cotton Cooperative Association)
  • Tavoris Roach (T Roach Trucking LLC)
  • Legacy Coaches (TD Brown Enterprises LLC)
  • Wade Inc
  • Lessley Electric (Wayne Lessley)[3]

Please note that the list provided is not exhaustive, and there may be other trucking companies operating in Greenwood, MS as well.

Mississippi D.O.T. Roads Conditions
Mississippi Trucking Association

Mississippi produces most of the Catfish consumed by the US. Mississippi truck drivers will be needed to haul cattle, eggs, and the state's number one livestock income producer...broilers. (baby chickens).

Corn, grain, sweet potatoes and rice are heavily produced but the top agricultural product are cotton and soybean. Furniture production is huge in Mississippi also.

Mississippi Trucking
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