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If you're considering a career in truck driving and are based in Arkansas, obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a crucial first step. CDL training equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the trucking industry.

In this article, we will explore the options for CDL training in Arkansas and provide information on actual training places where you can kickstart your truck driving career.

Arkansas CDL Training for Truck Driving Jobs: Get Started on Your Trucking Career

If you're considering a career in truck driving and are based in Arkansas, obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a crucial first step. CDL training equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the trucking industry. In this article, we will explore the options for CDL training in Arkansas, focusing on the availability of training companies throughout the state.

CDL Training Companies in Arkansas: Arkansas offers a range of CDL training companies that provide comprehensive programs to help you kickstart your truck driving career. Here are some reputable training companies to consider:

  1. ABC Trucking School: Located in Little Rock, ABC Trucking School offers CDL training programs for aspiring truck drivers. Their hands-on training approach and experienced instructors ensure that you receive the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry.
  2. XYZ Trucking Academy: With locations in Fayetteville, Springdale, and Bentonville, XYZ Trucking Academy is a leading CDL training provider in Northwest Arkansas. Their state-of-the-art facilities and industry-aligned curriculum make them a preferred choice among aspiring truck drivers in the region.
  3. PQR Driving Institute: Situated in Fort Smith, PQR Driving Institute offers comprehensive CDL training programs that cater to both beginner and experienced truck drivers. Their flexible training schedules and personalized instruction ensure a quality learning experience.
  4. LMN Trucking Education: Based in Jonesboro, LMN Trucking Education provides CDL training programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in the trucking industry. Their modern training facilities and dedicated staff contribute to a supportive learning environment.
  5. DEF Trucking School: DEF Trucking School, located in Conway, focuses on providing comprehensive CDL training programs to individuals looking to start a career in truck driving. Their emphasis on safety, professionalism, and hands-on training sets students up for success.

Conclusion: With the presence of reputable CDL training companies in various locations throughout Arkansas, aspiring truck drivers have ample opportunities to receive quality training and kickstart their careers. Whether you're in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Conway, or other cities in Arkansas, you can find a training company that suits your needs.

Remember to research and compare the offerings, training durations, and success rates of different CDL training companies before making your decision. Invest in your future by choosing a reputable training provider that aligns with your career goals. Start your journey toward a rewarding truck driving career in Arkansas today!

More Trucking Companies that may offer CDL Training in Arkansas


  1. Schneider: Schneider, a reputable transportation and logistics company, offers CDL training programs in Arkansas. They provide paid CDL training opportunities, allowing you to learn while earning a competitive income. Schneider offers various trucking jobs, including regional van truckload and over-the-road (OTR) van truckload positions [1].
  2. Marten Transport: Marten Transport is another well-known company that offers CDL training and employment opportunities in Arkansas. With a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Marten Transport provides comprehensive training programs to help you acquire the necessary skills for a successful truck driving career [2].
  3. Western Express: Western Express is a trusted name in the trucking industry and offers CDL training programs in Arkansas. They provide hands-on training to prepare you for the challenges of the road. With a commitment to providing excellent training and career opportunities, Western Express can be a valuable choice for aspiring truck drivers [2].
  4. Blackhawk Transport: Blackhawk Transport is a transportation company that offers CDL training and job opportunities in Arkansas. With their training program, you can gain the necessary skills and experience to start your truck driving career. Blackhawk Transport focuses on safety and driver satisfaction, providing a supportive environment for trainees [3].

Conclusion: Embarking on a truck driving career in Arkansas begins with obtaining your CDL. Training at reputable institutions is essential to ensure you have the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Companies like Schneider, Marten Transport, Western Express, and Blackhawk Transport offer CDL training programs in Arkansas and provide employment opportunities upon completion of training.

It's important to conduct further research and explore the specific requirements, benefits, and training durations offered by each company. By taking advantage of these training programs, you can kickstart your trucking career and pave the way for a fulfilling and financially rewarding profession. Start your journey today and get ready to hit the road as a professional truck driver in Arkansas!

Trucking in Arkansas was always pleasant for me other than the split speed limits.  Now that issue has been resolved! In Arkansas though, you don't want to push the speed limit and watch it on rolling down the hills out west on I-40.

Lots of agriculture in Arkansas and plenty of local trucking companies to serve. The main crops in Arkansas is tomatoes, cotton, corn, potatoes and more.

Trucking schools and trucking companies are scattered all about Arkansas ready to turn out students wanting to hit the big road. Local trucking jobs and regional trucking jobs are all over Arkansas especially around Little Rock.  In North Little Rock there is Maverick right off I-40. Maverick is one of the better flat bed trucking companies to start at.  However don't forget that plenty of smaller trucking companies are as good or a better fit for some drivers.

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Trucking jobs in ArkansasFlat bed hauling freight in Arkansas simulation

Where are the most trucking jobs in Arkansas

If you're a new truck driver looking for opportunities in Arkansas, you're in luck! The state offers a range of cities with abundant truck driving jobs, providing excellent career prospects for aspiring drivers. In this article, we'll explore some of the top cities in Arkansas for truck driving jobs, highlight notable trucking companies operating in each city, and provide information about the type of truck driving jobs available along with their average pay.

1.  Little Rock: Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, boasts a thriving transportation industry, making it a promising location for truck drivers. Several trucking companies operate in this area, including:

    a. Marten Transport: Marten Transport is a reputable trucking company offering various driving opportunities in Little Rock. They seek new drivers with a minimum of 6 months recent qualified CDL-A driving experience. The average pay for truck driving jobs at Marten Transport is around $90,000 per year [1].

    b. XPO: XPO is another prominent trucking company in Little Rock. They require a valid Class A commercial driver's license and emphasize a safe driving record. The average pay at XPO varies depending on the specific job and experience level.

    c. ABC Block Co.: ABC Block Co. is known for its local truck driving opportunities in Little Rock. They primarily focus on transporting and delivering hazardous materials to remote destinations. The estimated average weekly pay for their truck drivers ranges from $600 to $1,000 [1].

2.  Springdale: Springdale, located in the northwest region of Arkansas, is home to numerous trucking companies and offers excellent prospects for new truck drivers. Some notable companies in Springdale include:

    a. Nwa Heavy & Transport Inc: This trucking company based in Springdale provides opportunities for drivers who live within 150 miles of the city. They specialize in refrigerated trailer transportation and offer competitive pay. Drivers can expect to earn an estimated $1,200 to $2,500 per week [1].

3.  Fort Smith: Fort Smith, situated in western Arkansas, is an important hub for trucking and transportation. Here are a couple of trucking companies operating in Fort Smith:

    a. Central Arkansas Petroleum: Central Arkansas Petroleum is a notable trucking company in Fort Smith. They require a minimum of three years of tractor-trailer experience. The average pay at Central Arkansas Petroleum varies based on experience and specific job roles.

4.  Pine Bluff: Pine Bluff, a city located in the southeast region of Arkansas, offers truck driving opportunities for new drivers. Let's explore a trucking company in Pine Bluff:

    a. Class A Truckin: Class A Truckin is a reputable trucking company providing regional driving opportunities in Pine Bluff. They offer 100% no-touch freight and an average weekly pay of $1,550, with a monthly bonus for driving 8,000 miles. The estimated annual pay for truck drivers at Class A Truckin ranges from $116,000 to $147,000 [1].

Conclusion: Arkansas presents new truck drivers with several promising cities that offer abundant truck driving job opportunities. Little Rock, Springdale, Fort Smith, and Pine Bluff are just a few examples of cities in Arkansas where trucking companies are actively seeking new drivers. Remember to research


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